Friday, December 23, 2016

Sergey Lazarev two years hiding son for women

private life of 33-year-old Sergey Lazarev has long been a mystery to his fans. However, recently the paparazzi caught the singer leaving one of the Moscow temples. The artist’s hand was leading 2-year-old child. It turned out that the little boy — the son of a celebrity, which he was silent for more than two years.

the reporters found that Sergey Lazarev more than two years hiding from society that two and a half years ago, I became a dad. Paparazzi captured the singer during a visit to one of Moscow’s churches. Next to the singer was his mother and 2-year-old son, who kept the artist’s hand.

Journalists of the portal found out that this is the son of Sergey and his name is Nikita.

“It’s my personal life that I would not like to make public,” — said Lazarev. However, the singer confirmed that two years ago he was actually born a son, whom he hid from everyone. Sergey also refused to comment about the woman who gave him an heir.


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