Tuesday, December 27, 2016

George Michael could have died from heroin – Komsomolskaya Pravda

Partner British musician George Michael Fadi Fawaz revealed the details of death of the artist. According to the beloved actor, Michael lay dead in his bed, when he had called together to celebrate Christmas.

“We still don’t know what happened to George. We waited for Christmas the dinner. I now very hard. Let’s remember Michael the way he was, namely the incredibly beautiful and talented person”, – quotes the star stylist website Вести.Ru.

in Addition to this Faus said that the last time Michael was not easy, but he was looking forward to Christmas and hoping that in the new year, all the hardships will be left behind in life, finally, it will be brighter.

Another source close to the actor, admitted that in recent years the singer suffered from a heroin addiction, and several times were prolonged courses of drug treatment.

“Shortly before his death he was in the hospital from an overdose. It is surprising that Michael lasted this long with such a serious problem,” – said the source.

By the way, the official version of the heart failure only confirmed this information. A heart attack is often the cause of death of heroin addicts.

currently relatives of the artist have not yet had time to say goodbye to him, but foreign media reports have estimated the status of the artist, which will go to the heirs. According to preliminary data, 105 million dollars will go not only to the relatives of Michael, but almost strangers.

part of the inheritance to be distributed among the godparents of the children of the musician. We are talking about two children of actor Martin Kemp and children, cousin of the artist Andros. Any sum paid to the daughter of the former participant of Spice Girls Jerry Halliwell Bluebell (although the cross was not the George Michael and his ex-lover Kenny Goss). Of course, not left out the two sisters of George Michael and his lover Fadi Fawaz, the website “Days.ru”.

we will Remind, singer of the hit Last Christmas has been found dead in day of Catholic Christmas, December 25. The artist was only 53 years old.


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