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A major accident in the Moscow subway workers have received up to six years – RBC

Dates not for management

Dorogomilovskiy court of the capital on Monday sentenced to terms ranging from 5.5 to 6 years in prison accused of the accident in the subway on Arbat-Pokrovskaya line in July 2014.

The most severe punishment – six years – Judge Antonio Tolstoy appointed assistant master Yuri Gordov. The deputy director of the contractor company “Spetstehrekonstruktsiya” Anatoly Kruglov, deputy chief of distance overhaul services put Alexei Trofimov and the foreman of the unit Valery Bashkatov spend in prison for 5.5 years, it follows from the judgment of the court. All of them will serve their sentence in a penal colony.

The court found them guilty of violating the rules of operation of rail transport, which caused the death of more than two persons (Part 3 st.263 Criminal Code). The Court also decided to collect from convicted 15.2 million rubles., partially upheld civil claims of victims. Initially they asked the defendants jointly and severally to recover from more than 30 million rubles.

The judge agreed with Tolstoy investigators that the cause of the accident was under construction turnout: the work on its installation was carried out without the necessary documentation. A third-party contractor crews operating companies led by Metro staffers who worked without employment contracts.

«While for the accident in the Metro meet scapegoats rather than management of the company”, – told RBC daily the verdict lawyer Sergei Bashkatova Knyazkin. But defender hopes that after the verdict will bear responsibility as leaders and units that s now under investigation as the Court found irregularities in the management of the company.

«All the construction works were carried out at night, but should were carried out in the daytime, and it established the court, – says Knyazkin. – In addition, the judge pointed out that the management of the subway was to limit the speed of trains on this section of 40 km / h at the time of repair. ” According to the materials of the case, the tunnel was permitted speed of 70 km / h, the train is going at a speed of 64.8 km / h.

In July 2014, a week after the tragedy, his place lost head “Moscow Metro” Ivan Besedin , who headed the underground in 2011. But in February 2015 Besedin was appointed head of management department of transport – logistics business unit Railways.

flashing light

Train “Rusich” crashed in the Moscow metro in the morning July 15, 2014. The composition went from the station “Victory Park”, the tunnel train derailed and hit a wall. 23 people were killed, another 180 passengers were injured.

The driver Sergei Osipov, driving a train, survived. But during the preliminary investigation claimed he did not remember how there was a wreck: his memories terminated at that moment, shortly before the accident, he has taken up his shift.

The surviving passengers were told that just before the clash in carriages the flashing light bulbs, and then they felt a sharp deceleration follows from the judgment of the court.

From the first days of the investigation made it a priority version that the accident was caused by irregularities in the construction of turnouts. The quality of the work had to watch the acting master Yuri Gordov . According to the prosecution, on July 7, he saw the violation, but did not it correct, and allow the movement of trains.

According to the case materials, the company « Spetstehrekonstruktsiya » , led by Kruglov , built translation from Pokrovskaya Kalinin – Solntsevskaya line. A construction crews ran employees of underground Bashkatov and Trofimov, who worked for the company Kruglov in combination – without labor contracts.

Two days after a train derailment in custody appeared Bashkatov and Gordov , and a few days later – Trofimov and Kruglov .

Bashkatov and Trofimov in his testimony that they gave immediately after the tragedy, told us that work on the sidebar arrows began on the night of July 6. They did not deny that laid turnout violations: only the right wit arrows fastened properly, and the left left in the retracted position, strapped on a 3 mm wire anchorages.

The railway technical examination, which was conducted on behalf of the investigation in December 2014, confirmed this version. Experts pointed out that the wire to which was attached a left wit, torn and there was a “pressing spontaneous wit to the stock rail.” As a result, the wheels of another train pulled off to the side, and the composition of hit a wall.

Experts do not establish any fault of the train and did not find in the ways of foreign objects or traces of explosives.

Three versions of the defendants

The defendants and their lawyers have denied guilt in court and put forward their own versions of several accidents. Even during his arrest Bashkatov claimed that their clocks did not work: it has not been established traction, and she could not bring the rails to move. “Trains can go just right” – insisted the defendant. This recent construction work on laying an arrow held the day before the accident – on the night of July 14, also follows from the case materials.

According to the defendant Gordov and his lawyer Timur Hutova, the real cause of the accident could be the fault of the train “Rusich».

According to the materials of the case, before the train wreck stood Night alignment – on the stretch between stations, and its serviceability of equipment was tested only a day before. During his arrest Gordov assumed that the crash could have occurred due to a faulty wheel pair composition.

The version of the fault confirmed train professionals and technical conclusion of the Moscow State Institute of ways. The study was commissioned by the Department of Construction of Moscow. In it experts have concluded that the accident was caused by technical problems “between the first and second carriages of the first car.” They pointed out that another 100 m to the inside track turnouts were found chipped concrete, as though by blows with a metal object hanging from the rolling stock. The left wit arrows in the accident was in the right, the retracted position, experts point out.

The wife Gordov Isabella Yudina, who worked for eight years crawler tracks, in turn, told RBC that Metro discuss another version – a train derailment could cause high speed trains. At this time in the tunnel blasting work and they could affect the safety of traffic.

Another version of the defense was interruption in the power supply, which could lead to a train derailment. But the investigation insisted that the contact rail shutdown was the result of an accident, but did not cause it.

According to the defense, the official version of the tragedy is very convenient to guide the subway, which is very quickly opened traffic on the blue line after an accident that resulted in the destruction of important trace and physical evidence, claimed Gordov.

The investigation of the main case of the tragedy of the subway continues, said Monday the official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Vladimir Markin . Among the accused six people, including the chief of the ways of Yuri Silyanov , his deputy Valery Malyshev , head of distance path Nikolay Melnikov and fulfilled his duties at the time of the accident Anatoly Kazantsev .


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