Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bond reversed – BBC

James Bond – agent with license to kill – once again resorted to that meter to unravel the last riddle of his former instructor for (Judi Dench), who died in the last film. The bloody trail that he takes in Mexico, as usual, leads Bond across the world, and eventually ends up this way face-to-face with Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz) – the head of the terrorist organization “Spectrum” and stepbrother early orphaned 007. Additional complexity creates another and the fact that one of the accomplices of “Spectra” (Andrew Scott) entrenched in the MI-6 and plans to create a unified database of the world’s intelligence services, and at the same time – to abolish agents with two zeros, replacing them with drones.

Sam Mendes (“American Beauty,” “Revolutionary Road”) – a key American director-writer – debuted in bondiane “coordinates” Skayfoll “- one of the most dramatic episodes of the franchise.

Having been in the order of Daniel Craig, whom Mendes calls the best contemporary actor, he played in the scenery of James Bond plot of Shakespeare’s glow: Begin as a farce, closer to the finish “Skayfoll” increasingly turned into a tragedy. It was in that movie is another important feature that is not so evident, – reversal restarted during the “Casino” Royal “series of 180 degrees. From justified cruelty eyed thugs to the right of the murder back to the bling, gloss and swing good old England, a little pathological elegance of Sean Connery.

In the second picture Mendes, thinking with the drama of the last time too far, and all decided to focus exclusively on different caliber attractions.

Most of drive and ingenuity is felt in the opening picture of the episode chasing in Mexico City against the backdrop of the picturesque of the death and the scene Swiss Alps – Bond pursues a jeep on the plane. In addition, the producers had an important in the context of a franchise task: introduce updated bondianu one of the principal, according to the internal mythology of the franchise, the villains – Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

The one whose hand with a ring, stroking the white cat, was quoted and parodied everywhere, wherever possible, including domestic “Diamond Hand” and “The Adventures of Captain Vrungel».

It is obvious how an intellectual Mendez was interesting to come up with stunt scenes with thousands of extras and torque “barrel” by helicopter, so it’s boring was engaged upon a mechanical resolve version conflicts between old and new movies. About the same enthusiasm he had caused and the necessary attributes of James Bond – girls and gadgets, for example. And if Monica Bellucci in the short role of the widow of the Italian mafia shines by itself, then Leah Seydou lacks some human content to spice up the basic “Bond Girl”. The lack of enthusiasm director, however, cleverly disguises “antique” – the classic James Bond movies. By the number of jokes, quotes and references to previous films “Spectrum” is perhaps the most fan-Bond film for many years.

And this is at the expense of a dedicated audience, he is sure to become a hit rolled .

But at the same time easy to understand Daniel Craig, who shortly before the premiere of the new film said that soon will open a vein than a return to tight suit 007. It is likely the actor feels somewhat cheated: his Bond, dangerous, like a white shark, almost no place in the world mendesovskih movies. Instead of beating people on the head the toilet, we have more impressively silent and wry grin. Instead of drama Orphans, an ugly duckling that grew up into a beautiful swan, but do not take care of the children’s complex, it offered the role of a foolish more operetta hero.


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