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Yulia Snigir the role of Catherine II – BBC

On the First Channel launched the series “Great” – 12-part historical film about the Empress Catherine II, covering the period of her life from birth to the coronation. On the eve of the premiere of actress Julia Snigir, who played a major role in the film, met with a reporter “Gazety.Ru».

– Catherine II as a character surely dream of any actress so that your consent the role is clear. And how did you get in this film? After all, before you were seen in costume productions.
– Yes, you’re right, it is, of course, a dream. I am assuming, of course, not seen in this role. It was very scary when I got a call and was invited to audition. I decided to call, as far as I know, the director Igor Zaitsev, who says he was looking for an actress of the era. Where and what he saw in me, I can not imagine. Series producer Ruben Dishdishyan with which we are familiar, by the way, admitted that he, too, did not see me in this role.

– How was important resemblance?
– Difficult to tell. We do not know, really, how and who looked like: formal portraits on all kings and queens alike. About tipazhnosti understandable, but no more. So when I say that I do not like to Catherine, I agree, but at the same time, I want to ask: Who then is like? What to navigate? The sources have a little bit about what it was at first very slim, and then gradually grew stouter. And that many, many jumped on the horse and about appearance – is anyone’s guess. Maybe we can talk about direct hit in the era of Natasha Surkov who played Elizabeth – she physiognomically seemed really out of time, but it is a great rarity.

– How did you prepare for the role? What are you reading?
– Oh, many things, but above all, of course, her memoirs. Of course, they are very subjective, complementary to themselves, but very detailed. Another very exciting biography of Henri Troyat. Memoirs Dashkova, of course. It’s funny that it takes events out there as if it were all rulila, although in reality, it seems, was not very smart lady. There, you know, these women – and not very energetic reflectors. This hysteria it probably balanced the rationality of Catherine.

– you will find there some specific details that helped to better understand the nature of Catherine?
– Yes, and it is a pity that not all of them were in a movie. There is, for instance, a famous story about how a soldier drank her coffee and fainted – from the fortress. And she saw it very much! Yet there is such a strange thing, it is not directly spelled out, but it was a strange chill skvozyaschy through openness. In general, it seems to me that she is not very fond of tactile contact with the people they have it in most cases are unpleasant. So I always asked that Catherine was wearing gloves. Accordingly, and in love it is the men who contacted whom was it pleasing, does not cause discomfort.

– A movie that already appeared Empress, certainly, too, watched?
– Yes, of course, something I was looking – mostly very boring. “Young Catherine” with Julia Ormond I did not like, for example – I can not watch this, it’s some kind of female novel. I’m afraid that in our film would be something like that. For me, the image of a perfect hit – Svetlana Kryuchkov in “Royal Hunt”. But I rely on her was pointless. Firstly, I do not Kryuchkov, and secondly, the film is devoted the last years of her life – it’s a different Catherine.

– And what you see Catherine?
> – When we started shooting, we came out with the director, even something like the dispute because of the dissimilarity of views. I just wanted to play less than a typical serial heroine. Well, so right, good, that hurt, and she wanted to hardened, and power. This soap opera that could be about anyone, but not about Catherine. On the other hand, did not want to play the Empress – you know how it is in historical films: “I play an important historical figure.” Much more important to show the person. I insisted that the image was ambiguous, controversial. That it was not clear where it lies, which is not lying. For me, the main driving force behind it was the ambition. She arrived and immediately realized that he wanted to be here, this country wants, she fell in love Russia. I understand that it can here to do something. She was incredibly educated, he knew that Peter and Elizabeth are ruining the country, wanted to fix it. Therefore, she clung to Peter III, so carefully taught Russian. Therefore, by the way, when I appear in the film, I say, without the accent.

– It is the time to really have to speak without an accent? This is in some sources?
– On all leaves, yes, speak without an accent. This is indirectly evidenced by the way that it plays – you know, that she wrote the play? – Written in excellent Russian. In terms of drama, of course, not much of that, but the language is there to envy us.

– You really got a very controversial character. At times it seems as though she does not always know when to lie and when not to. For example, you managed to understand what she had a relationship with Peter III?
– I think that Peter it differently attracted. Catherine liked his courage, but at the same time, she could not understand him, find him to approach. The key to their relationship scene in which Catherine seduces Peter, we were shooting in the extreme shooting days, and by the time I was well aware that she was doing and why. In this scene, she is, of course, terribly uncomfortable, she was lying, and even false, but it achieves the desired result. This, incidentally, was typical of her, according to the memoirs of contemporaries, who say that it was all very charming. But she could not have liked everything, simplicity was generally foreign to her just by nature. Surely it is for someone adjust to, someone hypocrisy. And to me it was hard, I can not. I sometimes look very inattentive, because if I do something I do not feel like I’m not going to portray it – congratulate someone and so on. Ekaterina it was able to very well – in particular, that concerned the army, she realized how much she needed the support.

– Was there a moment when you realized that you are the heroine did what -That like?
– I guess this it ambition, lust for power and even some manipulativeness behavior – this is what I understand as an actress. There are several scenes in the movie where you can see, when she feels that her listening that can affect people in their own words – this is similar to what you feel on stage.

– What you all your favorite scenes in the movie?
– I really like the line – rather controversial – relationship with his mother Catherine. She is with us constantly engaged in an imaginary dialogue, through which much evident in the nature of my character. For example, I really think that domineering, harsh mother Catherine invested in some uncertainty, which conflicted with the ambition – to me this inner conflict gave some important additional paint. More like the last series. Well it turned out the final scene – very carefully. There is an episode where Elizabeth died, and Peter has been broken, but the crowd at the palace of the emperor demands. And here they are with Catherine – are both frightened, she did not understand what to do, he refuses to come out. They’re like two little kids – I still put on a hat that is a little high. It is important, in my opinion, the stage – it was able to just what I sought.

– Historical cinema – it’s always an occasion to reflect on the bit time. You managed to understand something about that period?
– Yes, of course, but I was wondering and fantasize, to speculate that seems to have been recorded, but certainly should be. For example, there is etiquette: it is necessary to sit so there like that. Still, because it all broke. And Catherine also has a European, with a free mind. There’s a scene that I love – although I find it strange to say so, I do a little of that love their work. In this episode, Catherine comes to some sort of feast and sees that Peter sat next to him Vorontsov. She pulls down her little things on the floor, pulls himself to a plate of cakes and begins not just eat and eat. It was something hooligan, I love it.

– Is there something that you were able to understand, forgive me for the pathos, about the country and culture?
– Yes, of course. Catherine was really very Russian person, but I really like the fact that it has not lost anything German that was there from birth. I think this is a symbiosis, and its effectiveness – it is something that really should pay attention to – in the context of talking about globalization, the abolition of borders, and so on. Do not give up anything, but to turn away from what is given from birth, it is not worth it.


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