Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dead keyboardist “Aquarium” Boris Rubekin – commander

On October 1, the 47th year of life died keyboardist “Aquarium” Boris Rubekin. On the death of the musician in his Facebook said the leader of the “Aquarium” Boris Grebenshchikov, post a photo of his friend.

«Yesterday the life of Boris Rubekin left. Give rest to his soul! “- Signed a snapshot of Boris Grebenshchikov. While no details about the death Rubekin not reported.

Boris Rubekin born July 14, 1969 in Leningrad, was part of the team since 1998, was known by the alias “Rubik” and “Angel,” and also collaborated with group Fleur and “Anastasia.” Also, he had his own musical project Azimuth R.

«As I recall Rubekin, he was very modest, even pathologically modest for the rocker, quieter water below the grass. Apparently, he was introverted, a hundred percent immersed in the music. And I think, for this Grebenshchikov and appreciated it. What he needed was a talented, professional people, who at the same time implemented to his ideas and concepts in the sound, “- said the journalist and novelist Alexander Kushnir, who for many years cooperated with the” Aquarium “, engaged in the promotion of the group.

– I was not familiar with Boris himself, though he was in the team when I went to the “Aquarium” by city. Unfortunately, sadly it turned out that the definition of “keyboard” Aquarium “has become a mystic. Andrew was a good beginning, “Duchamp” Romanov, who died June 29, 2000 … Then keyboardist was Sergei Kurehin, he died July 9, 1996. Once, during the “Russian Album” in the group, there were numerous upheavals, and since the late 90′s this place it took Boris. And, alas, it turns out that it is a place in the team was enchanted, I do not know the people who were playing “Aquarium” on keyboards, and survived.

The group “Aquarium” – one of the oldest Russian rock groups. The composition of the 40-odd years of existence, the group has changed several times, and only the group leader Boris Grebenshchikov (BG) is a member of the band since its foundation in 1972.

Of note, published on the official page of the group can be know that keyboardist “Aquarium”, born on the island of Borneo, “it has been taken out of the clutches of voodoo Protestant Christians”, after which he taught “the game on the steam organ.” In addition to these data, in the style familiar to the group hoaxes, any information about the deceased there.

The group “Aquarium” – one of the oldest Russian rock groups. Participants 40 years of existence, the group has changed several times and only singer and mastermind group Boris Grebenshchikov (also known as BG) is a member of the band since its foundation in 1972. The band members at various times were: Anatoly Gunitskii, Duchamp Romanov, Mike Naumenko Sergey Kurehin Oleg Sakmarov Vsevolod Gakkel, Edmund Shkliarsky, Michael Feinstein, and many others.

We should also mention the fact that Boris Rubekin written quite a lot of his own music. However, it does not become available to the general public, because it is always positioned itself as a secret treasure of the collective. Meanwhile, in one of his radio program “balloon” Boris Grebenshchikov stated his keyboard abilities, calling him “our pianist”, endowed with a unique melodic gift. In this context, it is worth noting that work on the assembly program, “balloon” Boris Rubekin also took upon himself. In particular, he described the process: “Coming into the studio, Bob quickly says the right words, we then we arrange in the correct order, and impose on them the appropriate music.” He band “Aquarium” was referred to as a factory for the production of “balloons».

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