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22th “Golden Mask” has announced its program – Russian newspaper

22th Russian national theater prize and festival “Golden Mask” has announced its program. These creative plans – from the category of long-term: the festival will begin in Moscow in February 2016, April 16 on the stage of the Musical Theatre. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko call their new winners and 7 December 2015 to approve and announce the composition of the jury.

To create a poster of the “Golden Mask” in 2016, two expert advice – musical theater under the chairmanship of Ekaterina Biryukova, and Drama and Puppet Theater headed by Alexander Vislova – have looked 774 performances in Moscow, St. Petersburg and more than a hundred cities in Russia. The result of their work was primarily impressive statistics and geography of the updated “Golden Mask”. The competition program in 2016 – 45 per cent of nominees from the regions (as compared with predominantly Moscow- St. Petersburg poster previous years – this regional break).

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In addition to the permanent members “Golden Mask” a lot of new names and new cities that will attract to the festival and new Viewers who care about the fate of an unknown Russian theater province. For the first time in the poster will theaters from Serov (Drama Theatre. Anton Chekhov, the play “A Streetcar Named” Desire “), Novokuibyshevsk (Theatre” Fringe “, the play” Tanya-Tanya “) and Izhevsk (Udmurtia, Russian Drama Theatre “Little Tragedies”). The scale of magnitude is impressive – from the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow to a small already mentioned theater “Fringe” Novokuibyshevsk, composed of seven persons, and they occupy a small area at a local house of culture. All performances are different, but all According to experts – the best.

“We have tried to the maximum to see everything – says the chairman of the expert council of drama theater and puppet theater drama Alexander Vistula. – Personally, I have had 36 trips. Much of the poster did not include. I’m sorry some are not on the short list of performances, many of my colleagues – the other … But when unhappy, then we did a good job “.

A total of 212 nominations coming” Golden Mask “will feature 54 theater . Leaders in the number of nominees are cities such as Perm and Yekaterinburg, and from theaters – Alexandrinka and BDT. Alexandrinsky theater “Mask” presented by Valery Fokin, “Masquerade. Memories of the Future “and Marat Gatsalova” tellurium “, BDT – just three performances” Zholdak dreams “(director Andrey Zholdak),” The Man “(Tom Yanezhich) and” Drunk “(Andrew Mighty.) From Petrograd to the playbill Drama Theater also featured Theatre Leningrad City Council (“Cabaret Brecht” Yury Butusov) and the Theatre for them. Bryantseva (“Beckett. Plays” Dmitry Shapiro On). Gross Regional Programme of the contest is already available on the official website of the “Golden Mask”. And Moscow drama represent the will “Studio of Theatrical Art” ( “Suicide” Sergei Zhenovach) Theatre. Vakhtangov (“Running” Yury Butusov) Ramtha (“Nuremberg” Alexei Borodin), Theatre of Nations (“Tales of Pushkin’s” Robert Wilson), “Pyotr Fomenko Workshop” (“Midsummer Night’s Dream “Ivan Popovski) MTYUZ (” Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? “Kama Ginkas) Laboratory Dmitiry Krymov theater” School of Dramatic Art “(” On the second. Late Love “by Dmitry Krymov) Electro” Stanislavsky “(” The Human Use of Human Beings “Romeo Castellucci).

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And note – performances by Kirill Serebrennikov “Ordinary Story” Gogol-center and Konstantin Bogomolov “Jubilee jeweler” Moscow Art Theatre . Chekhov. For a number of reasons. Firstly, the de facto: in spite of all okoloteatralnye scandals in social networks and emotional expressions of directors on its pages an unwillingness to participate in the competition of the festival organizing committee of the “Golden Mask” no official denials of any of Serebrennikov, nor from Bogomolov did not receive. Second, de jure: a significant addition – if Kirill Serebrennikov, as the leader of “Gogol-center” has the right to decide whether to participate or not his team in any competition and festival, then Konstantin Bogomolov, as a guest director may withdraw only his name from nomination “work of the director,” but did not respond in the context of the “Golden Mask” for the whole of the Moscow Art Theatre. And third, the most important – their claim relates to several members of the expert council of the future “Golden Mask” in 2017 which is only now embarking on their work, and to create posters of Prime Minister started the theater season, and which, in the opinion of the directors, not They can impartially evaluate their performances. So this conflict – a virtual perspective and with prolongation of the future. Unless, of course, this “zillion torment” in 2017 anyone else remember.

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Kirill Serebrennikov also nominated for the “Golden Mask” and in the section of musical theater as a director of the ballet “The hero of our time,” the Bolshoi Theatre.

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President of the Theatre of Russia, Alexander Kalyagin:

– This list works by Kirill Serebrennikov remain to be considered. The director was an emotional outburst. But he must listen to his theater. The stronger you are the director, the need to be modest in their ambitions to prove that you’re the best. It is one thing – to draw attention to himself, and another thing to just create, create, sweating and do. “In general, according to Alexander Kalyagin, the reform of the” Golden Mask “- is a normal process:” Everything is changing, for example, is education reform. And when it came to the “Golden Mask”, then why all of a sudden started. But it is a living process, and nothing else.

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