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The Russians are in no hurry to return from Sharm el-Sheikh – Moskovsky Komsomolets

Sharm and Hurghada are closed. All went to Turkey

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The Russians have begun to return en masse from Egypt. And people are flying without luggage. Suitcases for security delivered to Moscow sides of MES and transport planes of other airlines. “MK” answered the eight most frequently asked questions by our tourists.

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– How long will the moratorium on flights?

– flights from Russia Egypt suspended on November 6 in 20 hours. As far as now no one really say. Authorities say up to special order. But judging by the slow pace of investigation of the disaster A321, lifting the ban will follow no earlier than after a few weeks.

– How many Russians are in Egypt?

– By According to the Federal Tourism Agency, November 7, at local resorts rested about 79 thousand. our compatriots. Over the past weekend, that is, the date of expiry of autumn school holidays, from Egypt have already flown home more than 20 thousand. Man. Engaged in the export of 13 airlines. The costs will be financed from the Reserve Fund of the Russian government for dealing with emergencies.

– Does the right tourist does not leave Egypt until after the tour? Where and from whom you can get information about the date and time of departure?

– None of what the emergency evacuation of the question. All tourists can stay in Egypt until the expiry of the permit. The date of departure, time of departure from the hotel, as always, on the eve posted at the reception. In addition, it is always possible to update the guide attached to the tour operator you from the beginning of the trip. Mobile and office phone guide specified in the permit. The Russian Union of Travel Industry explained that those who want to leave early, can file a request with a guide at the same time representing the interests of the travel company. Given the situation, subject to availability on flights coming obstacles will not be repaired. However, while such cases are the exception rather.

– How long before departure to arrive at the airport?

– The airport of Sharm el-Sheikh is the most difficult situation . After leaving the country, not only Russians, but also citizens of other European countries. Because of flight delays there have accumulated thousands of passengers. Many people are excited. If earlier the buses brought tourists to the airport, on average three hours before departure, now five. Huge queues seen at the entrance of the airport building, the so-called primary control. And further along the chain. Slightly fewer people at chek-in. In fact, the personal search with passion and hand luggage inspection now has to take place twice.

– What are the features of baggage? How can I take on board kilograms of hand luggage? Which is not to take on board the fact that previously allowed?

– The weight of a standard hand luggage – up to 10 kg. Any liquids, creams, shampoos, etc., as before, banned. Security personnel are advised to take the airport luggage in laptops, tablets and other electronics. All except mobile phones. For those who do not, the passage control problems.

– How to get luggage that is delivered to the Moscow sides of MES and Russian transport aircraft carriers? What is the average time the baggage claim? Who will deliver the baggage to the regions?

– Transportation board with luggage combined 8-10 flights. Aircraft arriving passengers with things in the Moscow airport “Vnukovo” and from there regular flights airline luggage of tourists are delivered to other cities. “In regions of the suitcases will get essentially the airlines that fly regular flights in the respective regions, – explained the Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. – There they are unloaded, and passengers will be informed where they can get the luggage ».

For information about lost things will be available at the airport or on the website” Vnukovo “. Whatever it was, in “Vnukovo” part of the luggage of passengers have to wait up to several hours. Nevertheless, we must pay tribute to the services of the airport: the estimated start time of issue of suitcases of tourists with specific flights handsfree announced in advance and accurately.

– What to do if you have bought a ticket to Egypt? How much do you lose money in case of cancellation of the trip? Should I go to court?

– Russian tour operators have sold 140 thousand. Trips to Egypt until March next year. The situation on the suspension of flights to Egypt is not considered force majeure, it qualifies as “significant changes in the conditions” when the carriage stopped, and the tour operator is unable to meet its obligations. That is the whole financial responsibility can not be shifted only tour operator. There are three options for compensation. The company can provide an alternative to rest or to agree to a partial compensation of funds. Tourists also have the opportunity to sue the tour operator, which was acquired by the tour. Social networks are already full of complaints about the tour operators. Here, for example, I wrote Eugene Shtabsky from Saratov: “We were scared employees fines that the money will not be refunded. If we do not go as an alternative to Turkey, we will have a penalty, which will meet 80 thousand rubles, which we paid for, and only 2-3 thousand us go back ».

– What is the average needed to pay for an alternative trip abroad, if the level is at about the same?

– The most common tour operators offer tourists change the direction of travel: if the new round will be more expensive, for it will have to pay client if the cheaper – the tour operator shall reimburse the difference. Some operators offer holidays in Antalya, Turkey, and some – in Cyprus. Keep in mind that Egypt ceteris paribus less these countries. Therefore, while maintaining the level of the hotel and food conditions in most cases pay extra still have. However, the average value of the probable additional payments by representatives of the Russian Union of Travel Industry and tour operators have refused to name. Basically right now, if possible, the best option – to take their vacation at a later date.

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