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Who upset sad angel, experts spoke about the “ugly sculpture” on the house Panteleimon Badaeva – News News SPB Petersburg

November 10, 2015, 22:48

Activists demand to correct the appearance of music nymphs on the bas-relief of apartment house on the street uprisings, 19. According gradozaschitnikov, which in turn have already sent a request to the prosecutor’s office, the face of one of the four music has changed beyond recognition. Recent work on the restoration of the building took place in 2013.

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November 10, 2015, 18: 53

KGIOP: plastic sculpture on the facade of the house Badaeva lost until 1980.

But experts say that the damaged relief long before the modern restoration. The contractor, work a half years ago, says that the contract item recovery figures did not appear. So when the face of one of the four nymphs changed and whether to wait for reconversion? Ania Bataeva it turns out.

Bas apartment house on the street uprisings after restoration acquired new features. Transformation gradozaschitniki noticed, though, nearly two years after the last works. When it came redecorating, distorting the face of the Muses, is not known. Photos narrowed his sculptures at the apartment house Badaeva hit the Internet and immediately caused a wave of indignation. Users compared to the same sculptural reliefs on the facade of the house along the street Zhukovsky, which, incidentally, has not touched the hand of the restorer.

Dmitry Litvinov, coordinator of the public movement “Living City»: «There is now a nymph, a new name -” steppe Baba “on the Internet. Because if you look closely at the way she looked, behold the face of a beautiful stranger, now resembles a caricature of the Mongol invaders. We have asked the KGIOP asking, Have acceptance of these works, is whether the recovery task external bas-relief. If included, it knows whether KGIOP that relief was damaged? »

Gradozaschitniki and sent a request to the prosecutor. In 2001, building on Uprising, 19, has been included in the list KGIOP newly identified sites of historical, scientific, artistic or other cultural value. We know how to structure and apartment house Badaeva Panteleimon, named after the first owner. It was built in 1904-1906 years in the Art Nouveau style. The architect Vasily Kosjakov gave the house an interesting layout and rich decoration of facades and decoration sketches performed together with the architect Podbereskim his younger brother George jambs. And in 1907 the house was awarded a silver medal at the city competition facades. One of its elements – the winged female figure at the corner of forceps – gave another name for the building – “House of sad angel.” But, as we are assured tenants, the sad fate of the haunted house long before the modern restoration.

Antonina Pavlik, a board member of the HOA: «to make this repair with errors, but we were so pleased that all the house began to put in order. It was awful, when there was no repair. The house was a ruin. I photographed it. To give to the administration. ”

At home repair funds were allocated in full. To the delight of the residents, already by 2013 the facade of the street uprisings began to play with new bright colors. On the bas-relief located above the sixth floor, no one paid attention. If not for the post on the Internet, architectural opus for a long time could remain in the shadows.

The company contractors working at this address, the fault in the “not beautiful transformation” muses do not recognize.

The representatives of the contractor “Baltstroy»: «This relief was in such a state, as we see it now, even before we came to carry out the work. And according to our contract, we have nothing there. Only cleaning and painting. There has been no restoration ».

The Committee on Monuments easily accepted object disfigured muse immediately after repair. And it is not because of negligence. The department argued that the muse has lost its face even before 1980. Perhaps even blame a shell fragment or a bomb.

Xenia Cherepanov, a spokesman KGIOP: «Plastic compositions of the extreme right was lost until 1980. We can assume that this is a re-creation of the post-war repair the loss. A survey was conducted and it was decided that the subsequent restoration of the street Zhukovsky will be possible to take a copy with analogue preserved and thus return to the restoration of the composition. And then it was held cleaning and painting. A plastic deliberately not corrected ».

Renovated in 2013 the builders did not put the forest to the front of the building from the street Zhukovsky. In 2014 it changed the legislation KGIOP lost the right to fund repairs to apartment buildings. The facade was painted only half now St Petersburg, residents and tourists will have to wait until the house falls into a program overhaul. How much time will pass until the House and Muse will become beautiful again, unknown.


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