Tuesday, December 6, 2016

“A great book” got Yuzefovich, Vodolazkin and Ulitskaya – Komsomolskaya Pravda

the”Big book”, unlike the other largest Russian book prize, “Booker“, awarded works of all genres, even novels, though collections of short stories, even biographies of great people, though the history of the study of crocodiles (and in the short list this year was the book about crocodiles – “Songs of the dragons” zoologist and traveler Vladimir Dinesa). But still prefer the jury “Big book” usually gives the literature. And great writers today in Russia not so much known – about twenty people (if you add more and those who are familiar mainly literary critics, and then those literary stars like Daria the series, who works in an easy genre of detective fiction and on the respectable “Big book” to claim themselves, and may receive a maximum of fifty people).

So it is not surprising that on the eleventh year of the “Great books” all three awards – “Gold”, “Silver” and “Bronze” – the team who had this award has previously been received.

“This is the most unexpected award that I received – I still have the feeling that two chickens in one hand not to give!” exclaimed Lyudmila Ulitskaya, winner of the third value of the prize for the “Ladder of Jacob”, the novel is not the best, perhaps, in her work, but still widely read and discussed. This is another family chronicle, and based on documentary material, in correspondence of the grandfather of the writer James Urickogo. In the novel he is Jacob Osecky; Kyiv student who loves music, and in 1911, at a concert Rachmaninoff encounters a girl who will become his destiny. The fate of this complex and sad, is an amazing way to last descendants of son Henry, granddaughter Nora, the great-grandson of Eureka. Probably, and great-grandson, also Jacob, born exactly one hundred years after the meeting at the Kiev concert. Chronicle – like a river, which determines its twists and turns? Genes or intricate curves a nd rhyme rock?

Recall that in 2006, Ulitskaya was already awarded the “Big book” (the first prize) for “Daniel Stein, translator”.

the Second prize was awarded to Eugene Vodolazkin for his novel “the Aviator” – about poetically configured a young man, a young man of the twentieth century, caught in the Stalinist camp there in the course of a scientific experiment frozen and awakened only in the late 90s. who has Lived on earth for almost a hundred years, it looks and feels like an old man – and the years that he has left, he spends thinking about his fate (and his behavior in the framework of this fate). In 2013, Vodolazkin was awarded another novel “Lavr”. Now I presented him with the prize of the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky: taking your iPad, it opened the program “Notes” and read the fragments, specially written three years ago when reading “Laurel.”

And finally, first prize was awarded to 68-year-old Leonid Yuzefovich, who became known to the General public in the early 2000s after a series of historical detective about detective Putilin (many saw them as an alternative to the novels of Boris Akunin). In 2009, he received the first prize “Big book” is not a detective novel “Cranes and dwarfs”. And now repeated the success with the documentary novel “Winter road” about the confrontation between General Anatoly Pepelyaeva and anarchist Ivan strode against the backdrop of Civil war in Yakutia.

the “Big book” is also an alternative readers ‘ vote: for several months, anyone who wants, can read the nominated works in the largest legal libraries, and to assess. It is estimated that readers in total have invested more than 17 billion text characters. And then took first place Ulitskaya, the third Vodolazkin, and between them is located in Maria Galina’s novel “Autochthonous”.

the Other nominees – Alexey Smith (“stormy weather”), Peter Aleshkovsky (“Fortress”), Alexander Ilichevsky (“Right to left”), Anna Matveev (“an Enviable sense of Faith Steinau“), Sergey Soloh (“Stories about animals”), Sasha ] (“Baiting”) is left without a prize.


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