Monday, December 5, 2016

A new tenth album by Patricia Kaas was present for all the fans of French singer – TASS

PARIS, 5 Dec. /Offset. TASS Dmitry Gorokhov/. Patricia Kaas has released a tenth Studio album. The singer on Monday celebrates its 50-th birthday.

First in 13 years

In the opinion of the reviewers, their new album, which is called “Patricia Kaas”, the singer interrupted prolonged pause. Her previous Studio album “stronger sex” (Sexe fort) came out in 2003.

during this period, Kaas especially worked hard on the concert stage. A tour entirely dedicated to the songs of her idol Edith Piaf, lasted two years.

“These tours allowed me to take a look at contemporary theatre, modern dance,” admitted the singer. The songs of Piaf, she sang, in particular, together with the British Royal Philharmonic orchestra (The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra).

back to basics

Music critics called the album a “return to basics”. “These songs reflect what I feel today,” said Kaas itself.

She sings about what excites her the most deeply. The first song on his new CD, called “Day and hour” (Jour et l’heure), returns to the tragic events of November 13, 2015 in Paris, when terrorists killed 130 of the French.

“I’ve always wanted to sing – confessed Kaas on the eve of the anniversary on the website of the newspaper Le Figaro. I never felt fear when I had to come up on stage. Even during my debut at 11 years old.”

national artist

“In his own way I am a folk artist, and I’m proud of it,” said Kaas, deliberate to go next year on a new tour.

up To six years Patricia spoke no French. She grew up in a small town on the border with Germany, where the communication was on platcom dialect. Her father, a miner, was French, mother is German. She was raised in a large family: she has five brothers and a sister.

In 1983 did not notice Francois Bernheim, make friends with Gerard Depardieu. He asked the famous actor to sponsor the release of the first disk Kaas Jalouse (Jealous), which was released in the spring of 1985. And in 1987, a meeting was held with French composer and poet Didier Barbelivien. It was he who suggested Kaas, met Mademoiselle chante le blues (“Lady sings the Blues”), which will rise to seventh place in the hit parade.

a world Citizen

In December 1987, she first took to the stage of the famous Parisian hall “Olympia”. In 1992, the great tenor Luciano Pavarotti invited her to play with him in Modena. By 2005, she made seven world tour. In 2012, her concert tour, dedicated to Piaf, was held in 40 countries.

“Meeting with the Russian audience always gives me a special pleasure,” – said Patricia Kaas. Throughout his career the singer has repeatedly performed in Russia.

Her nine previous albums and singles have sold a total circulation of 18 million copies. “I have 30 years of career, – she said. – It gives me confidence.” Patricia Kaas live in Zurich, but has long been a citizen of the world.


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