Monday, December 12, 2016

Galkin and Pugacheva are luxuriously decorated castle for the New year – tvnz

the country has started the new year hype, the Russians started to decorate the house and decorate the Christmas tree to the main holiday of the year. Not remained aloof and Alla Pugachev Maksim Galkin, especially for their young children this coming holiday will become a real magic. And agree, it will not be complete if the house does not Shine with garlands and lights! Therefore, the lock Pugachevyh Galkynysh in the village of Mud decorated for the occasion. Adding to the design a little from the Western style of decorating the home at Christmas.

from The inner sanctum shared a close friend of the family Helen North.

@maxgalkinru @alla_orfey Thank you for a wonderful evening!!!

“a Wonderful evening in great company!” – boasted TV presenter. Big-eyed onlookers at a fuzzy picture from a distance could see the facade of the mansion is decorated with garlands, and around the house are already decorated Christmas trees.

a Lovely evening in great company !!

“wow!”, “Great looks like a fairy tale Palace!!! Well done!!”, “Such earth, without pathos. Happy alle and max, always very nice to look at them. We immediately see that people enjoy life. Well done,” wrote commentators.

Say, inside the Palace is so comfortable and good that come out of it will not want. Moreover, frost, which now stands on the street. In a recent interview Pugacheva said that the New year she plans to spend at home with family and friends.

“sitting at Home, that’s all. Before wheresomething went, and now all of us”, – said the prima Donna, which is known for its hospitality.

And recently Alla Borisovna has called for a show of his daughter Christina Orbakaite “Insomnia”. A concept the singer came up with myself. And to bring ideas to life Christine helped Director Alexey Golubev.

In the first row behind mom worried 4-year-old Claudia. First dance with my Alla (granddaughter calls AB only by name) in the stalls and then at the end of the show and even came on stage.

After the concert, Pugachev told by someone like her children.

-Christine in my childhood like my Lisa – confessed Alla. – Claudia we already sings and dances. Is she a singer? I do not know. In childhood not the kids light up. She needs to learn, and then if you want, in adulthood, to begin to speak. We now hold conversation with her.

Alla Borisovna admitted that he was pleased with the new show his daughter: “I only had one comment. And so, the show is stylish, beautiful! And what costumes? And she will see what a Queen. I don’t know how she’s doing!”


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