Saturday, December 3, 2016

In Moscow urgently hospitalized the actor Vyacheslav Shalevich Is True.Ru

people’s artist of Russia Vyacheslav Shalevich hospitalized in Moscow. About TASS said the Director of the Vakhtangov theatre Kirill KROK. The actor was taken to the hospital directly from home.

according to Life. EN, people’s artist of the RSFSR received in one of the capital’s hospitals. He was taken to the emergency Department with convulsive syndrome.

As earlier reported, on December 1 Shalevich, who is 82 years old, became ill on stage Vakhtangov theater. He played the role of Galileo in the play “Quay”. Colleagues saw that he clutched at his heart, and hastened to call an ambulance.

Doctors said the people’s artist of high blood pressure and made the artist a shot. He was better, and he refused from hospitalization, having decided to just relax at home. Wife took it.

Vyacheslav A. then reassured reporters, saying that December 29 is going to re-enter the scene.

In 1958, Vyacheslav Shalevich he graduated from drama school kenesarina and was accepted into the troupe of the Vakhtangov Theatre. And in 1979 graduated from the Higher directing courses at GITIS.

He headed the Moscow drama theatre of a name of Simonov from 1998 to 2011. Among the most famous films with the participation of famous and beloved actor — “captain’s daughter”, “Three poplars at Plyushchikha”, “Seventeen moments of spring”, “the picture of Dorian gray,” “Master and Margarita”.

this year marks the 50th anniversary of the release of the film “Three poplars at Plyushchikha.” The picture was filmed in 1967, directed by Tatiana Lioznova, who is now better known for serial film “Seventeen moments of spring”. But a simple story a brief introduction of men and women somehow also not forgotten. The name itself has become very popular and seems taken from some forgotten songs.

Originally this movie should have been called, like the story, “Three poplars on Shabolovka”. However, in the late 60-ies the word “street” is already firmly associated with the TV, and it could introduce the viewer astray. Because in the picture about the TV — not a word.

the Film received prizes at several film festivals, but the main prize was his durability. Two years ago for another show on television, was made a color version, did not spoil the picture.

Vyacheslav Shalevich played a role in the film the wife of the main character Nura — curly beautiful light Keeper, the owner of the river, Grisha.

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