Thursday, December 1, 2016

Marina Anisina told the truth about life with Nikita Dzhigurda – Cosmo.Ru

Recently, the Olympic champion Marina Anisina finally formalized the divorce showman Nikita Dzhigurda. Long time skater remained silent and did not comment on the parting with her husband. Only when the divorce was formalized, Anisina came to pass live” and told the shocking details of the life of Morrice.

According to Marina, it has repeatedly been subjected to physical violence by her husband. The athlete says, that the artist is inadequate and the whole time she lived in fear. Once the chair hit his wife in the forehead in front of people. “I went into the blood. There were a lot of people. I started to shout, “I’ll call the police”. I was shaking… But I am going to quickly, I calmed down. He said, that is not specifically, it happened. I don’t believe, but did, that believed,” — said the skater.< /p>

also admitted Anisina, that uses drugs Dzhigurda, supposedly they help him to expand” consciousness and establish contact with the cosmos.

Many times, Marina forgave the wife of, trying to understand it, but after another of his escapades Packed, took the kids and went to France. The athlete then the first time I filed for divorce, but quickly changed my mind. “I felt sorry for him. I was not ready. Took the documents back. He told me, that nobody will love so, like it,” admitted Anisina.

After the incident, the skater was trying to treat her husband. He said he would, then said, that she is crazy.

In the broadcast discussed the scandalous video, which Anisina captured in a state of intoxication. “This video a year ago. I was shot after the ice show. Prior to that, he brought me to tears, screaming bloody murder… I was struck by the, that he deliberately shot the video, then to use it. I think, that is very mean. All men’s, which I adored, vanished overnight,” commented roller skater.

to Put an end to relations with Nikita Marina decided, after his visit to America, where there was a trial about the legacy of Lyudmila Bratash. “There was a terrible story: a meeting with the cabalists, of orgies and mysteries. But you didn’t. For him. He said, met advanced women, studies Kabbalah and to a new level. I carry my own name. Said, what do we need to get a divorce. Quiet, without scandals. Then he started telling us the colors of all the, what was going on. I didn’t like it, I could not resist. Moreover, he expressed a desire to divorce. I feel that I need, that it should be done”, — said the athlete.

In conclusion, Anisina wished her ex-husband to take his head. The skater said, him she didn’t feel hatred and wants only the best, because they have common children. “I’d really like, so he took himself in hand and found myself. Not to be found under a bridge in new York or in a Motel somewhere. I sincerely wish him to take his head, because there is no negative to it I do not. To take revenge on him never going. We share children, I am grateful to him for them. But I think, that he needs a good think,” added the skater.

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