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Mom the Beauty of Russia in 2016 “We tried to persuade daughter to go to the contest” – Komsomolskaya Pravda

this Monday, December 12, at the capital club Icon hosted the final of the contest “Beauty of Russia“. The jury, which included rapper djigan, producer Alexander Tolmatsky, actor Denis Kosyakov, attorney Alexander Dobrovinsky was not an easy choice. On the catwalk Chagall 30 beautiful girls from around the country. And yet the crown went to the one and only 18-year-old beauty-the student of the Yekaterinburg Lad Akimova. But she didn’t want to go to the competition.

For the contest “Beauty of Russia-2016″ Lada persuaded to go parents Photo: Vk.com


the Lada Family moved to Ural just three years ago from Kazakhstan. The girl’s parents had to choose between two cities Ulyanovsk and Yekaterinburg. The choice fell in favor of the latter. They say, friends are many, and the prospects more. Until settled, looking for work (mom at the lady working in the firm for the production of lamps, the father is a carrier), the parents persuaded the daughter to go to a model Agency.

We Lad always said she’s a beauty turned out! She protested, laughing daddy’s girl, Sergei. And parents need to listen.

- you Know, the Frets do this feature of nature – it always necessary to push, to persuade, – echoes wife Natalia. – When we lived in Petropavlovsk, persuaded Lada to go to the theater-Studio. In Yekaterinburg – the Agency model to go. And for the contest “Beauty of Russia” she flatly refused to go. 24 November I called the organizers, said, “we are Waiting for you in Moscow in two days”. And she said, “So I’ll only be next year like, now I don’t want…” We even Lada had an argument about this. I explained to her: “Daughter, this chance can be once in a lifetime is given, and you refuse.”

- school Lada studied in the four-five, had her three – say the parents are beauties. Photo: Personal page of Lada Akimova in vk.com

by the Way, even the application form for participation in the competition “Young beauty of Yekaterinburg” (at the time of the competition, the Mode was 17 years. – Ed), through which the girl got on all-Russian casting, Lada filed on the last day.


After much persuasion, the girl finally decided, and two days later flew to Moscow to prepare for the show. Dad Frets admits it was scary to let go of my daughter, but that’s why they’re moved from a small town in the Ural capital.

she was afraid for her daughter. What to do? Prospects in Kazakhstan. The larger the city, the more prospects. Here and fired, – says Sergey.

by the Way, in Yekaterinburg Lada not only engaged in modeling school, and studying in the Ural state mining University on specialty “international economy and management”.

the Lada was never a student. Rather horoshisty. And three was. But deuces were not. So we have the usual unusual girl – happy for my daughter father. – Incidentally, we did not expect in the first place. When the Internet broadcast was watched by the whole family: I, wife, sister Frets Rita – she is 12 years old just couldn’t believe my eyes. Experienced a real shock.

the Lada and she had almost cried but managed to hold back the tears. It turned out, the girl wanted to share the victory with their families.

- She immediately called us as we could. Lada wants to go home. Says most of all she misses our hugs, – says Natalya. – In Moscow it while surrounded by strangers. Although girls participating they became friends. We all Lade very missed and look forward to her home.

Harmony loves to sing and even graduated from music school in the class of “the voice” Photo: personal page of Lada Akimova in social networks/ vk.com

in the meantime, Lada accepts congratulations and gifts. And them was much: it and a certificate for 200,000 rubles on makeup and a gorgeous designer dress and flowers and even a certificate for a wedding cake!

No! I really hope that she is not going – laughing Sergey. – At least we are saying. First you need some kind of course in life lay, and then about the family to think about. But my wife and believe that it is too early for her to marry. Although we are in 18 years got married (laughs). Just now, perhaps, time a little has changed.


But the Lada firmly says – “My heart is taken.”

He’s a very good young man, always and in all supports me. And to conquer my heart, you have to be friendly, empathetic, kind person, – has told “Beauty of Russia-2016″, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” immediately after his victory in the competition.

Lada and her boyfriend Alexander live in the two cities. it is in Yekaterinburg, Kamensk-Uralsky Photo: Alexander Trofimov

And occupied the heart of the beautiful already as two years. With her boyfriend Alexander Trofimov, who is older than her by five years, the girl met in the company of mutual friends. Charming guy on the same day invited the Fret out.

- Lada I immediately liked it, as I do her. It was love at first sight, – Sasha smiles.

Now the lovers live in two cities: Sasha – in cut-the Ural, Lada in Yekaterinburg. But every weekend they are together. Gakidou Friday Alexander sits on a high-speed “Swallow” and goes to meet his girlfriend. Together they go on nature – after all, Alexander is sporting tourism – walking club and walk to the Aqua Park.

Alexander, as the whole family Akimovich can’t wait for the arrival of his winning.

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