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Named awards Critics Choice award – RIA Novosti

WASHINGTON, 12 Dec – RIA Novosti. the Musical “La La land” (La La Land) Damien Chazelle expected took the main award Critics Choice-22nd awards ceremony of the Association of film critics USA and Canada Critics Choice took place in Santa Monica (CA) on Sunday, as host was made by comedian T. J. Miller.

the Award is the largest Association of film critics USA and Canada, BFCA, which consist of about 300 critics, is awarded annually for work on film and television. The award serves as a kind of barometer of the mood of Hollywood in relation to films of the past year, outlining a number of potential victors in the upcoming February awards Academy awards, USA Oscar. the

Critics loved…

“La La land” walked in the most prestigious category “best film” nine other films of the year: competition it was the “Miracle on Gastone” (Sully), “Moonlight” (Moonlight), “Manchester by the sea” (Manchester by the Sea), “Love” (Loving),”Lev” (Lion), “at Any price” (Hell or High Water), “For reasons of conscience” (Hacksaw Ridge)”Fences” (Fences) and “Arrival” (Arrival). The last became the winner in the category of “horror film”, and the best work in the category of “action” was the picture of Mel Gibson’s “reasons of conscience” (Hacksaw Ridge). The best Comedy critics have called “Deadpool” Tim Miller.

According to critics, the best foreign language film was the French drama “She” (Elle). Animated film “Zeropolis” (Zootopia) Walt Disney Pictures became the winner in the respective category.

“La La land”, which critics nominated in 12 categories, also won awards for cinematography, staging, music, editing and directing.

“La La land” and “Manchester by the sea” also shared the award for best original screenplay. For best adapted screenplay of film critics awarded sci-Fi Thriller “the Arrival” (Arrival).

Directors of the animated film “Zeropolis” (Zootopia) Rich Moore and Byron Howard at the ceremony, awards of the Association of film critics USA and Canada Critics Choice

Critics praised…

it is Noteworthy that, although loved by the critics “La-La-land” was the best picture of the year, its cast didn’t deserve their awards. Contrary to possible expectations, the main awards went to Natalie Portman for “Jackie” and Casey Affleck in “Manchester by the sea.”

the Best actor’s ensemble film critics found the picture “Moonlight” (Moonlight) directed by Barry Jenkins, who played in her Maharshal Ali received the award for supporting actor. Best actress was viola Davis for the film “the Fence”, she has also been awarded for the creation of a strong, exemplary female image on the screen.

Best Comedy actress was Meryl Streep for the film “Florence foster Jenkins” (Florence Foster Jenkins), the award for the best Comedy role got Ryan Reynolds for “Deadpool” (Deadpool).

Ryan Reynolds received the award for the best Comedy role for “Deadpool” (Deadpool)

Best Teliani…

For achievements in television film critics, awarded a serials of HBO’s “Game of thrones” and “Silicon valley”, which became the best TV series 2016 of the year by the Critics Choice.

“Game of thrones” received the award in the category best drama series, beating series “Mr. Robot”, “Very strange things”, “Crown”, “we” and “the Wild West” and “Better call Saul.” “Silicon valley” was recognized by the critics best Comedy series, beating out such heavyweights as “Vice President”, “Blackish” and “American family”. The best actors in drama series were the Bob Odenkirk and Evan Rachel wood. Best TV movie critics have called “the People vs. O. J. Simpson”.

Mahershalalhashbaz Ali at the ceremony, awards of the Association of film critics USA and Canada Critics Choice

trump and a reason to unite

Not done at the ceremony and without a policy, critics gave the actor Alec Baldwin in the category “best actor-guest in a Comedy series” for satire to address elected President of the USA of Donald trump.

Baldwin is a parody of the applied policy in businessman weekly in the evening show Saturday Night Live on NBC. Trump via Twitter meet the cast about what to watch its a parody of “impossible”. “Absolutely biased, not funny, and a parody of Baldwin just worse. Sorry,” trump wrote in his Twitter account. The actor has promised to stop the attacks, if trump will publish a Declaration of their income, there was no answer. The President-elect also has not yet commented on the award to Baldwin.

do Not fail to take advantage of the situation and master of ceremonies comedian T. J. Miller. He started the ceremony by saying, “before we begin, we need to talk about the elephant in the room (idiom: what all know, but prefer to remain silent), what was in the news all weekend and obviously I was concerned: Russian (hackers) definitely hacked elections”, he then continued to joke on the subject, promising “to reveal another elephant in the room, which is all I ask”. However, to the dismay of observers, he never touched his arrest last Friday. According to the tabloids, Miller visited the police station because entered into a verbal skirmish, and then and in close quarters with a taxi driver because of the “dispute about the trump.”

Hollywood, like California in General, opposed to Donald trump. It is in this state after the elections, which were won by the Republican candidate, was one of the most extensive protests against his election. Leading, in particular, stated that “trolls, dudes on the Internet, and worked well this year, one of them could be elected President.” In this regard, he urged the country to unite: “TV and film can bring us together, especially TV, because we are one nation, one sofa, one potato,” said Miller.


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