Friday, December 2, 2016

Russian films in 2016 has grossed a record 8 billion rubles – Interfax

Moscow. 2 Dec. INTERFAX.RU – Russian cinema this year set a record at the box office, already earning more than 8 billion rubles, said the Executive Director of the cinema Fund Anton Malyshev at the meeting at the St. Petersburg international cultural forum.

“Russian movies for the year go on the record in collections. Already earned over 8 billion rubles, that never happened in Russian history. As of today we have closed last year,” Malyshev said, summing up the Year of Russian cinema.

however, he expressed regret that the film rental market “dramatically scored” foreign films. A year in Russia rolled out to 300 foreign paintings – almost one film per day, Malyshev said.

“This issue requires tough decisions. Our producers have learned to make quality, interesting movie, now a question for the market is how to provide access to the audience,” he said.

in addition, Malyshev said that he considers necessary protectionist measures from the state.

“If I were asked about it three years ago, I would have said that protectionism, quotas are not necessary and even harmful. Today I say: protectionism is necessary as air”, – said the kid, summing up the Year of Russian cinema at the St. Petersburg international cultural forum on Friday.

He called to discuss what specific measures can be taken.

“In any form (to protect the market of domestic movie – if), to think. In the form of quotas, whether in the form of support whether cinemas and so on. We already in 2017 will be faced with the fact that large foreign animated releases will be much more than our own. We nowhere its animation to “push” or the Christmas holidays or other. We need measures to protect its own market”, – said Malyshev.


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