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The news about the Nobel prize was deprived of Bob Dylan’s “speechless” – Вести.Ru

Bob Dylan never showed for the Nobel prize. Said that you will take it next year. And I don’t allow personal circumstances. However, it is still sent by mail his oration.

“Where are you, my blue-eyed son?” Such a question from a Bob Dylan song could ask the members of the Nobel Committee about the lack of musician on the award. The case of Dylan for the practice of the most prestigious award in literature is unique. First, the legend of American Blues for a long time did not respond to calls from journalists. And it soon became clear why. After a long silence, when he received a call from Stockholm, Dylan admitted news of the award “left him speechless”.

but later it became known that, despite given Dylan’s honor, the performer at the ceremony to present will not be able — referred to personal circumstances. Personally, the award he will receive next year. Gold medal winner and more than a million dollars a musician will be awarded for a — quote — “the creation of a new poetic language in the great American song tradition”.

“I love the work of Bob Dylan, especially the lyrics. It is very well manage to find a rhyme, write a refrain, and he is good at creating poetic images. Often surreal,” said permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy Sara Danius.

Bob Dylan was born in Minnesota in 1941. Interested in music from an early age. He started his career with Nightclubs and bars, and soon came to the big stage. Rolling Stone magazine named him the second most important performer in the history of music right after the Beatles. Even though the legendary foursome is willing to use the poetic techniques of the American.

Bob Dylan — time Pulitzer prize winner, state award of the United States, many figurines Grammy. Invariably in his dark glasses, he often made fun of journalists and their colleagues. Many consider him arrogant and rude. This opinion, for example, expressed by one of the members of the Nobel Academy’s first Wastberg. However, those who admired the musician, much more. His achievements, in particular, recognized and celebrated writers.

“My kids listen to Dylan, my grandchildren too. This is three generations. This is a long time and high quality. Most people in pop music like moths that swirl around the lamp against insects. A bright flash — and here they are not. It’s not about Dylan,” said American author Stephen king.

In Stockholm the songs Dylan still sounded. Though not performed by the master himself, and Patti Smith, which is called the “godmother of punk rock”. However, the singer, whether from an overabundance of feelings, whether because of the excitement from the presence of royalty, forgot the words.

At the awards ceremony one of the members of the Swedish Academy noted that Bob Dylan is worthy of a place on a par with Ovid. Well, their own Nobel prize acceptance speech, the legendary musician sent to the Academy by mail. It was decided that it will be read at the Banquet on behalf of the winner.

About whether that is Dylan such a high award, argue, and will argue for a long time. The musician, meanwhile, have already announced their new UK tour, and to the evil languages, it is unlikely to have a case. He can only respond with words of his own songs: “don’t criticize what they do not understand.”


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