Sunday, December 4, 2016

The organizing Committee of “Eurovision” guarantees: the musical contest held in Kiev, the Komsomolskaya Pravda

only Network and discuss the topic, to throw the German magazine Bild, the transfer of the venue of the song contest. The reasons for the transfer, organizational, and financial, they say, the budget Ukraine can not pull such expenses. And then, instead of Kiev, the musicians will arrive in Moscow. Although the second place was taken by Australian singer Demi Them, the rules do not allow Australia to host the event: the contest must be in Europe. Well and third place was the Russian Sergey Lazarev. That’s why I remembered about Moscow.

We phoned the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on foreign Affairs Anna hopko, to learn how things work in preparation for the competition.

I gave an interview to the German magazine Bild in which he said that the contest “Eurovision” will be held exactly in Ukraine – said in an interview with “KP” Anna hopko. – All procedures have been completed. The risk that the competition will have to migrate to another country, no. Everything will be fine.

- Where went the information that the music contest in Kiev under attack?

- I will Not comment on what happened before, especially not want to discuss the talk and speculation around this topic. Confirm: all the issues have been resolved. And there is nothing to worry for Ukraine. We have a budget to conduct the competition. And organizational issues have already been closed. The organizing Committee of Ukraine has given assurances that it will be able to hold a music competition with dignity. In Moscow Eurovision to carry just will not.


Sunday: “We don’t need Eurovision. Let Kiev in full disgrace!”

- It turns out that we potuisti? They are there, in Ukraine, squirming, his Jamal exposed, at all costs, victory achieved. And then, it turns out, need help from the “quilted jackets”. You have to give them to embarrass themselves, so they just shit the bed (details)


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