Sunday, December 4, 2016

The organizing Committee of “Eurovision” discusses the transfer of the contest from Ukraine to Russia – Komsomolskaya Pravda

the organizing Committee of “Eurovision” are actively discussing the possibility of moving the contest 2017 from Kiev Russia. This option is considered as a backup in case it becomes clear that Ukraine will not be able to prepare place for the festival.

According to the German Bild, Verkhovna Rada Deputy hopko noted that “there is a real risk that the event will be held in another country.” If Kiev doesn’t hurry, and you will not find sources of financing and will not provide guarantees, the organizing Committee may decide to take a desperate step.

As the second place this year went to singer of Australia that cannot host the “Eurovision” for geographical reasons, the right to host will automatically enter Russia, who took third place.

the Publication notes that this is curious because the Ukrainian Jamal won with the song, in which Russia was criticized for the genocide of the Crimean Tatars. And after the transfer of the contest, her victory is transformed into defeat.


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