Friday, December 9, 2016

Trump will be the producer of a reality show that will keep Schwarzenegger – Komsomolskaya Pravda

President-Elect United States Donald trump will be the Executive producer of the reality show “the celebrity Apprentice” on NBC.

Earlier, trump acted as host to the TV show, but in 2015 he was sacked for controversial statements during the election campaign of U.S. presidential elections. January 2, 2017 screening program will continue, but with a new leading actor and ex-Governor of the state California Arnold Schwarzenegger.

trump is the Executive producer and will receive a salary of $ 100 thousand for each edition, reports Variety magazine. Representatives of the film Studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer has officially confirmed the appointment of a Republican to the position of producer.

On the TV show “celebrity Apprentice” invite the stars who are trying to collect as much money as possible for charity organizations. It emerged as an offshoot of the program, where businessmen fought for the right to work in the company owned by Trump.


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