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Books about Harry Potter I propose to introduce in school curriculum – Komsomolskaya Pravda

the Next book of Harry Potter have already appeared on the shelves of most stores. Fans of the boy who lived, waiting for the continuation of the story Harry Potter for almost 10 years! The last part of the Saga “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” was released in 2007. The author of the books J. K. Rowling promised the story will end, but recently, fans cheered the exit of the play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. The start of sales in the Russia commenced on 7 December.


anyone who even slightly follows the release of books about a boy with a scar, a familiar pain of the fans because of the new translation. In the editorial of the publishing house “swallowtail”, which is now engaged in the translation of books by JK Rowling, Dumbledore turned to Dumbledore, Madam Trick – Madame samogon, Professor Alastor Moody was Siboglinum Moody, Luna dubbed Psycholoy, and Severus SPAP was transformed in Slotsusa slea.

the quality of the translation also leaves much to be desired. Here are just a few passages from the book with a new translation: “…Mr. Dursleys blinked and stared at the cat. The cat stared at him…”, “his whole leg was gnawed and blood”, “…the neck is twice the length…”.

Fans began to sound the alarm on the eve of the release of the original books: wrote letters to the most Rowling, created the petition to replace the publishing house (it was signed by almost 70 thousand people), proposed to boycott the new book, hated the translation!


But the output was held, and sales began. The average price for a play Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” in St. Petersburg – 480 rubles. Largest chain of bookstores Petersburg has shared the results of the first day of sales.

First came the original English. We don’t expect a big rush. For several months, has sold a little over 800 books. But when came the Russian version, though the translation Spivak (Maria Spivak – the translator of the publishing house “swallowtail”, approx. ed.), books began to dismantle. Before the start of online sales has made more than 2,5 thousand pre-orders. And 14% is spent by residents of the regions. We felt a day in each store sold approximately 20-25 books, – says Olga Rogozina, an employee of the book chain.

According to the book dealers, the translation of Maria Spivak even done the noise, so the demand for books, as before, high. Although it is not necessary to deny that some fans now prefer to read Harry Potter in the original or wait for an adequate Amateur translation on the network.

Fans of the Saga share the joy of shopping in social networks. Some are already writing the review read the book! (screenshot from the “group of fans of Harry Potter” in “Vkontakte”)


the Answer seems obvious. But the study of classics in schools has always been, is, and is likely to be. However, one of the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of Leningrad Vladimir DOE decided to mix things up a bit Gogol, Belyaeva and Bradbury, whose fiction is studied sixth graders in literature classes, young and modern writer J. K. Rowling.

Children, especially urban, is now very interested in reading. And the psychology of the modern child is very distant from the authors, which they propose to read in school. Classic is good, but the love of reading you need to return interesting stories about some of the same teenagers as they are. “Harry Potter”, no matter how good or bad these books were, was an event in world literature. More than a billion people read it and discuss – explains Petrov.

Official sent to the Ministry of education initiative to novels Rowling included in the school curriculum. But even if the recommendation will pass, most likely, the book about the boy with the scar will only appear in the recommendations for extracurricular reading, and only by 2018.

About Petrov spoke briefly:

- I’m lucky we’re in school studying foreign books translated Pasternak. If we are talking about recommendations, I hope to avoid a poor translation and yet to solve the issue with the publisher – said the politician.


the Committee for education explained that the introduction of new literature in the school curriculum is a difficult matter. To make the book in the Federal list of textbooks and manuals, first going to the Advisory Council, after discussion by experts, the matter shall be referred to guidance already considering the need to study material students.

According to Valerie Stableboy, assistant to the Chairman of the education Committee of the Leningrad region, the Ministry of Education the question of the introduction of books about “Harry Potter” has already been discussed, but no decision was made was not. Also Stebletsova added that the Methodists also advocate a study of Rowling in school.


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