Saturday, December 10, 2016

“Catwoman” attacked 49-year-old boyfriend with scissors – the news today – the Word without borders

71-year-old Jocelyn, Wildenstein attacked her boyfriend. “Catwoman”, which is so called after numerous plastic surgeries, an incredible way mutilated her face in anger is terrible. This is not just convinced the 49-year-old beloved Lloyd Klein, writing in the publication

I Must say that the scandal broke out literally out of the blue. At dinner a man to love Joslyn too much attention was paid to the social networks. The woman got out and to distract her boyfriend from the Internet, swung at him with a lighted candle, the man splashing the face with hot wax. This “Catwoman” in the course let her long nails, which are specifically keyed to their chosen skin on the face.

Despite calls for men to settle down, angry Jocelyn Wildenstein grabbed caught her by the arm scissors and repeatedly stabbed them in the chest Klein. The man remained nothing how to call for rescue and close friends. Arrived at the scene of the incident, the police immediately guessed who’s the victim and who the aggressor, according to

it Turns out that this style of behavior 71-year-old woman demonstrates for the first time. Because of its primal nature, it explodes over nothing and behaves very aggressive.

“Klein says in a normal mood she’s an amazing person. But when she gets carried away, beware”, — told a source familiar with this strange family.

the Young man’s recent antics, was forced to think about the termination of relations with “Catwoman”, because it becomes very risky for life. In this hell, Lloyd Klein had lived for 13 years, but there is a limit.

“He knows that it will happen again if they will live under one roof. Lloyd cherishes privacy and image of their brand, and Joslyn gets pleasure from such things. Media comments about appearance do not bother her. A good scandal gives her pleasure”, — said a source from the environment of designer Klein.

And about the terrible appearance of Wildenstein I must say that this is the result of her endless sculpting procedures for the face, which not only disfigured her, but at the same time and made known, what it actually wants, says


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