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Died the oldest Director of the film Studio “Lenfilm” Sergey Mikaelyan – RIA Novosti


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MOSCOW, 10 Dec — RIA Novosti. the Oldest Director of the Studio “Lenfilm”, people’s artist of Russia Sergey Mikaelyan died 10 Dec 94-m to year of life, according to the website of the Studio.

As told RIA Novosti the General Director of “Lenfilm” Eduard Pichugin, Mikaelian was the true backbone in the revival of the Studio.

“Mikayelyan from the galaxy of those people who met the President’s decision on the revival of the film Studio “Lenfilm”. When there were ancient ruins that we came, Alexey Herman, Mr. Markovic Tatar and Sergey Gerasimovich Mikaelyan — we thought it was the eternal people. They became good foothold, met me and our team with great respect and support in all endeavors,” said Pichugin.

According to him, “Mikaelyan was all over, but the youth still had to envy his energy, health.”

“And what a deep look… It’s our grandparents, our older generation, which fought for the Motherland during the Great Patriotic war. In short, the deepest and the finest man that stood at the base of the post-war revival of “Lenfilm” — said Pichugin.

He said that Mikaelyan suggested as the first draft of the script for the sequel to “Love on their own”, which was directed by debutant Director Ilya Severov, while Mikaelyan gave it absolutely for free.

“I am Pleased that master came — and the filmmakers know how important the script, and offered it for free, without remuneration or compensation. The main thing that all lived, continued “Lenfilm”. I am glad that Sergei Gerasimov managed to see revived “Lenfilm”. I am very grateful to him, because he was among those people that have stepped up,” said Pichugin.

Sergei Mikaelyan was born on November 1, 1923, at the age of seventeen went as a volunteer to the front, was wounded near Rzhev. In 1951 he graduated from GITIS. Since 1956 the Director worked at the Lenfilm studios, where he directed the picture “Going to storm”, “Take the fight”, “Only one life”, “Tell me about yourself”, “GM”, “a Hundred soldiers and a girl”, “French waltz”, “the Asterisk is my darling.”

best known for his movies “Love at own will”, “Award”, “Widows” became a landmark for Soviet cinema.

About the date and place the ceremony of farewell with the Director have not yet been reported.

Episode from the film Director, Sergey Mikaelyan “Only one life”


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