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Edgard Zapashny: “Valery Nikolaev will save only sincere repentance” – Moskovskiy Komsomolets

the Director of the circus on Vernadsky filed a lawsuit against the actor for 2.5 million

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Notorious for his exploits actor Valery Nikolaev scored at the circus part twice: the first time at the ceremony “Idol” out of the playpen and carried the nonsense about the wife and the gunners, second in the program “live” so easily accused of cover in animal cruelty, however, the animals themselves had never seen. The second episode as discrediting business reputation was sufficient reason to Edgard Zapashny has filed a lawsuit in the Basmanny court about compensation of moral harm in the amount of 2.5 million rubles.

Эдгард Запашный: «Валерия Николаева спасет только искреннее раскаяние»

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Edgard Zapashny

— I can responsibly say, — tells Edgard Zapashny “MK”, — the actor Valery Nikolaev spent behind the scenes of our circus no more than 2 minutes. During this time he traveled escorted from the auditorium towards the stage door. It is approximately 200 meters through the circus. Valery Nikolaev is not met during this time with any animal.

you Know, sorry…

he didn’t Have such opportunity, as it was not possible to pass a premises where animals are kept, because the way they are, in principle, no. He walked through the artistic halls. Accompanied by guards who tried to calm him down: he’s not exactly feel good, so it helped to move around. Without compromising his health. Just looked to the artist Nikolaev fell.

But he says something about animals…

Is entirely his own invention, founded, apparently, on him, excuse me, the hallucinations. He had not physically had the opportunity sobstvennolichno to verify the conditions of animals in the Great Moscow circus. But in “live” he said that behind the scenes it is impossible to go in there, the stink, stoned animals, which does not hold urine, and they urinate by themselves, it’s horrible, inhumane and generally not human. So. All this is not true. Our animals (and predators) have repeatedly left the territory of the Russian Federation, visited over the past year, several countries, including the European Union, followed very closely watched by both Russian and foreign veterinary services. We are going through quarantine, our animals have a special passport. And has never been the case that we were accused of using drugs. This time.

— I believe the camera hanging everywhere…

— of Course. We will not let the journalists in the passage behind the scenes at the Great Moscow circus, we have more than 700 employees, within installed more than 160 cameras, round the clock surveillance, the evidence base is there. And we will not give work to show how we feed the animals, in what conditions contain the food as they are delivered to animals. And all this we can provide at any time on demand of law enforcement, if someone has any suspicions will be. Plus repeatedly my brother and I removed the program, came reporters from all leading media outlets, all we are trying to display — that is, make a transparent system to dismiss that such false information that suddenly can afford Valery Nikolaev.

do I understand correctly that it is your own words offends not so much you personally, as the circus on Vernadsky?

— it is not only the reputation of our concrete circus, but of the whole circus community. I fight for improving the image of circus as an art form, and I understand how hard it is for our colleagues who are sometimes accused in some animal cruelty, based on isolated cases. Still fray on the Internet, the case of the monkey, which soon will be 10 years old, but! Still give him a “fresh information”. Although in recent years has anything negative that would serve as a base to talk about an isolated case, but about the system. So he advocates to fight for the overall image of the circus, because I love this art, understand it, commit yourself to him. And I think it is unfair…

So is it possible the settlement agreement, or in this case — it’s a matter of principle?

— the settlement agreement can be. I now give a hint Valery Nikolaev, who has never made contact, which never attempted to communicate with me or with my brother. I will expect your full remorse, a recognition that it was done on purpose that it has no evidence that this completely invented his story, which he probably regrets. Now, if I see sincerity, understand what people really realized that he has no right to behave not only towards me but to the circus arts, then I will consider the possibility of a settlement agreement.

— just to clarify — during my first “brilliant” speech in the arena, he said something about his wife…

— Many popular people (our guests) and three hall witnessed a very strange story, I still don’t know how to correctly interpret: Valery suddenly came to us while doing circus festival “Idol” the first few minutes, thanked the organizers (and me including) for a job well done, but a sudden switch in his mind and he told a very touching story that, it turns out, a year ago his wife with the gunmen withdrew from the Great Moscow circus, insulted, hurt, and now he, they say, will ensure that Edgard Zapashny in the presence of 3000 spectators apologized to his wife. He also said she worked here for many years.

— you’re eyes have never seen?

— personally do not know her, lifted an archive, all the documents — his wife never have worked, the HR Department confirmed it to me. And none of it with scandal, of course, led nowhere. I have a suspicion that it is either another attack. “brilliant theory” of Nikolaev, or he simply confused the circuses, because his wife was listed on the Colored Boulevard. And Valery there a lot. But knowing Maxim Yuryevich Nikulin, I am sure that there it would be impossible, too. Any fictional Tommy… Well, the second point that struck me in this story is that, according to Nikolayev, was, it turns out, a year since the “insult”. And, apparently, a whole year artist Nikolaev was decided on this action. This, at least, strange for a man — year to endure and then come to sort things out.


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