Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tarasov takes a break from her divorce from Buzova in the Maldives – Komsomolskaya Pravda

Dmitry Tarasov flew on holiday to warmer climes: the athlete is resting in the Paradise of the Maldives Islands where he used to love to sunbathe together with Olga Buzova. That’s only athlete at this time was not his wife, and other family members — mother, sister, nephews and other close relatives. That Dimitri bought tickets for Maldives, it became known a month ago. Fans of “tarabuco” were sure that Tarasov will go to the resort in the Indian ocean in the company of new girlfriend, model Anastasia Kostenko. However, the athlete decided to spend a vacation with the family.

However, in his Instagram Dimitri tried to confuse followers: the athlete posted a photo where he was shot on vacation with a family member. And signed picture: “Turkey buzz” accompanied by the hashtags “rest” and “relax”. However, fans quickly saw through the “disguise” Tarasova. “Rest is always good, but it’s not a Turkey,” “Turkey is cold already”, “Yes this is the Maldives — in the background Palma and white sand,” wrote the astute commentators. Indeed, the exotic landscape behind Dmitry leaves no doubt that the Maldives Islands.

Family dinner #family#mom#dad#cosnultation#5years

Tarasov While sunbathing in the Maldives, Buzova full swing preparing for the New year, advertising on Instagram coats and Christmas sales. So Olga is busy promoting his solo career: TV presenter recently announced that now she is a singer, and a stage for it priority. The star of “House-2″ even took part in the show “the Tree MUSESTV” in one of the Moscow clubs, performing his new hit single “the sounds of kissing.” However, the audience hardly paid attention to the voice of Olga — she came on stage in a suit, what to sing to her in General it will not be necessary. Buzova dressed in a black leotard, fishnet tights and high boots on high heels. Effectively photographed bare “rear”, Olga boasted the in his microblog:

- it was hot Today. “Tree of MUZ-TV”, she said.

it was hot Today #Elkmont#ozvuchivali

However, Buzova these days busy not only with work but also his appearance: rumors: Olga preparing for surgery for breast enlargement. That she is going to go under the surgeon’s knife, and to make a bust on pair is larger, the presenter hinted at in surfaced on the Internet sex correspondence with Dmitry Nagiyev. And now, apparently, is going to implement his plan. By the way, throughout his short family life with TV presenter Dmitry Tarasov has fought back against attacks in social networks about their charms “zero” size. Olga always put “advisors” in place and was assured that she was in her figure all the like. Now, after a breakup with her husband, Olga has decided to adjust the appearance.


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