Monday, December 12, 2016

Grandma Olga Buzova: Tarasov took granddaughter all the gifts – Komsomolskaya Pravda

For the upheaval of divorce, Olga Buzova Dmitry Tarasov watching, even those who previously such things were not interested. Too beautiful pair, and too ugly in the end, yesterday, the lovers parted. They say that Lokomotiv defender kicked the wife out of the house and took the car, which he gave. Now the former spouses divide their assets. Grandmother of Kim and Tamara commented on this act to journalists.

According to Buzova, Tarasov asked the children. “But Olga wanted to have a career. I was advised to stop, build a house, have a baby, and then continue to go up the career ladder. But she was not ready for children”, – quotes Tamara Semenovna the portal StarHit.

the Grandmother advised Buzova: “Leave him! You make yourself another!” “She has done very well – all she has achieved. Dima Mercantile was not expected… Gave gifts, and now takes them. Even his mother to this story hooked,” added Tamara.

And admitted that he was upset by this behavior of the wife granddaughter: “at the wedding I went up to Dima and asked: “Just don’t hurt her. My husband and I have lived together for 51 years, and I wish you the same for a long family happiness!” But, apparently, not destiny. Husband is absolutely not interested by Olina work, could not find appropriate words when something did not work, and she was so right. Olga, on the contrary, all itself, were devoted to him. When Tarasov got injured and was ready to go with him where whatever the treatment, all cancel, just to be there. Said: “Dima is good with me.”

by the Way, before Buzova acted as DJ and singer in one of orlovskih clubs. At the beginning of the track the track failed artist, twice. However, she did not hesitate and turned to DJ: “not a friend if you’re Tarasova?”


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