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“La La land” nominated for seven Golden globes – TASS

NEW YORK, 12 Dec. /Offset. TASS Alexey Kachalin/. Film-tragicomedy “La La land” (La La Land) by American Director Damien chazelle the leader on number of nominations on the award “Golden globe”. This picture is nominated for the prestigious award in seven categories.

this was announced at the ceremony, which was held in Beverly hills Association of foreign journalists (the Hollywood Foreign Press Association HFPA) accredited to Hollywood.

Leadership with a minimum margin

“La La land” claims Golden globe in the most prestigious category “Best film” and “Best Comedy or musical”, “Best Director”, “Best screenplay” and “Best music”. In addition, the work in this picture can bring a prize for the best role of the first plan actors Emma stone and Ryan Gosling.

the Second place on number of nominations is the drama “Moonlight” (Moonlight) directed by Barry Jenkins. This picture nominated for “Golden globe awards” in six categories. Jenkins claims the award for best film, Director and screenplay. The actors were Maharshal Ali and Naomi Harris is nominated for performance of the roles of the second plan.

Russian films ignored

nominated for “Best foreign film” the painting “Divine” (Divines), “She” (Elle), “Neruda” (Neruda), “the traveling Salesman” (The Salesman) and “Toni Erdmann” (Toni Erdmann). Tape “Divine” filmed by the French Director UDA benyamina, “She” (France, Germany, Belgium) – Paul Verhoeven, “Neruda” (Chile, Spain, France, Argentina) – Chilean Pablo Larrain. “Salesman” (Iran, France) was created by the Iranian Asghar Farhadi, and “Toni Erdmann” (Germany, Austria, Romania) is a German Maren Ade.

the work of Russian filmmakers in the number of applicants was not included. For inclusion in the nomination claimed three films – “Paradise” Andrei Konchalovsky (Russia put forward on the award “Oscar” in the category “Best foreign language film”), “the Apprentice” by Kirill Serebrennikov detective film “My murderer” Yakut Director Kostas Morsan.

Films and actors

Opponents of “Moonlight” in the category “Best drama movie” steel tape “Manchester by the sea” (Manchester by the Sea) by American Director Kenneth Lonergan, “Lev” (Lion) Australian Garth Davis, “at Any price” (Hell or High Water) Briton David Mackenzie. The most serious competitor is considered to be the famous Director and actor Mel Gibson with the painting “For reasons of conscience” (Hacksaw Ridge).

In the category “Best musical or Comedy” for this prestigious award will fight the “Women of the 20th century” (20th Century Women), “Deadpool” (Deadpool), “Florence, foster Jenkins” (Florence Foster Jenkins) and “sing Street” (Sing Street).

contenders for the “Golden globe” in the category “Best actress” of steel Amy Adams for her role in the film “Arrival” (Arrival), Jessica Chastain starring in the movie “Miss Sloane” (Miss Sloane), Isabelle Huppert for her role in the movie “her”, Ruth Negga for her role in the film “Loving” (Loving) and Natalie Portman for the film “Jackie” (Jackie).

In the category “Best actor” for the prestigious awards will be fighting Casey Affleck starring in the movie “the Manchester by the sea” Joel Edgerton starring in the film “Living”, Andrew Garfield for the film “conscientious objector”, Viggo Mortensen for his role in the film “Captain fantastic” (Captain Fantastic) and Denzel Washington starring in the movie “Fences” (Fences).

“Game of thrones”

the award in the category “Best drama series” nominated “Game of thrones” (Game of Thrones). This is one of the most expensive projects in the history of American television, filmed based on the series of novels “a Song of ice and fire” by George Martin, will compete with the TV series “Corona” (The Crown), “Very strange things” (Stranger Things), “we” (This is Us) and “Westworld” (Westworld). Earlier this year the creators of “Game of thrones” has expanded its asset 38th consecutive statuette Emmy (Primetime Emmy Awards).

Thus, the “Game of thrones” has set an absolute record for the number of these awards, beating the popular American sitcom “Frasier” (Frasier, 1993-2004).

Next, the 74th in a row, the award ceremony “Golden globe” will be held on 8 January 2017 in Los Angeles. It will be awarded to the best television and film work in 2016. Applicants selected by the Association of foreign journalists accredited in Hollywood.


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