Wednesday, December 7, 2016

“Harry Potter and the cursed child”: where to buy in Irkutsk bestseller J. K. Rowling – Komsomolskaya Pravda

so Where’s Harry Potter can I get one? – I asked in the bookshop in town.

-is not Present!

How so? Throughout Russia Wednesday, December 7, began the sale of eight books by JK Rowling with the intriguing title “Harry Potter and the cursed child”. And Irkutsk a volume about the world of magic in the afternoon with fire not find!

‘ don’t worry, – I said finally one of the sellers. – Brought your Potter, in stock, throughout the day in all Central stores of the city will go. Come out tonight and even better tomorrow.

yeah, what’s tomorrow! Disassemble the same – best seller after all! Abroad books about the bespectacled wizard disperse in a matter of minutes, almost fighting at the shelves. We, too, every fifth if not a fan, then at least a fan of “Harry Potter”. And can I get a copy as a gift, Avada Kedavra, as needed. After several hours of search, shopping and the book stalls I managed to find where brought the Potter. But, for some reason, no queues, no fuss not much.

Potter? Yes here it is, 20 copies delivered – cheered me saleswoman, pointing to the stand with the new volumes. – Will that be OK? You 604 rubles 50 kopecks.

-As only 20 copies? – I ask again. – The franchise after all, and books there is not enough?

What can you do? – meets a girl. – Franchise deductible, but Potter is not the same. For this week only 800 copies delivered to the warehouse and part sent to the cities of the region, and also in chitu, Krasnoyarsk, Ulan-Ude. The first series fell swoop bought up, and now… People, of course, asked, flipping through, but passed. That’s just one book bought.

it Turns out that not all readers liked the new format, which has decided to master the creators of the “Harry Potter” is a play. Of course, interesting, but the fans were conservative. Moreover, the feedback online about the new book among those who read it in the original, divided – no former General enthusiasm. And the official release of the continuation of the Saga was released in Russia in translation Maria Spivak that is not liked by many fans of the series.

But personally, I bought and have no regrets. Still holidays soon, as you know, the book if not the best, certainly not the worst gift. By the way, “the Cursed child” is already available and the price is lower there than in the store – 459 rubles.

By the way, the events in the new book take place 19 years after the end of the previous story. Harry is married to Ginny, the sister of his best friend Ron Weasley. The main character now – Albus Severus Potter, youngest son of Harry.


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