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Steeper Shakespeare: in Russia, a new book about Harry Potter – RBC

Although the book “Harry Potter and the cursed child” is written in small letters “Special edition rehearsal script”, and includes three of the author name instead of John. K. Rowling, for millions of fans, is still the Eighth Story of Harry Potter — the official continuation of the famous Saga. And the magic that once opened the cover and find platform 9 ¾ 36-year-old Harry, accompanied children in Hogwarts, it becomes absolutely no matter exactly who wrote the play (and even who and how it is translated).

J. K. Rowling

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Magical world exists again! With Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione and their children that something is happening. I’m not the hugest fan of the “Harry Potter”, but my head was flooded with readers ‘ happiness returning heroes. So, Harry Potter is 36 years old, he is busy working for Aurora in the Ministry of magic. They have Ginny and has three children: a brisk eldest son James, a withdrawn and quiet Ploteus younger Albus and Lily. The Albus family and escorts in Hogwarts. The boy is worried that the hat might send him to Slytherin, he didn’t like or understand quiddich and do him really stressing the glory of his famous father. The best friend of Potter’s Ron Weasley is still “Hochma” and the fact of the matter is picareta love with Hermione, which made his career and became Minister of magic. Ron and Hermione in Hogwarts daughter Rose, and the worst enemy of Potter, Draco Malfoy, plants Express only son Scorpius and worried that his bo y will be bullied at school (on the origin of the younger Malfoy in the Wizarding world go nasty rumors). But it was Scorpius Malfoy and Albus will be the best and actually only friend.

Later, the boys meet a young sorceress named Delphi, and the reader very quickly becomes clear that the definition of “cursed child” would fit each of the trio. So when they will be able to get banned by the Ministry of magic ramavaram (remember, there were such magical mechanisms to “the Prisoner of Azkaban”), each will have reason to change the past.

of Course, reading a play requires more of the reader’s imagination to consider the magical world for the author’s remarks. And from time to time desperately jealous of the audience of the London theater, where a long time will not be able to get (tickets for the production in the first week were sold two years in advance). Because it is very interesting as it looks, for example, “non-existent world of the change of times”, about which is written: “this Whole scene is magical. Change is rapid — we move quickly between worlds. Instead of complete scenes — fragments, which show the continuous flow of time.” Or how to build a funny scene, during which Ron turned to Albus trying to distract Hermione, offering her to go on vacation or have another child, or a creepy scene with the Dementors in the world of black magic… Those who were lucky enough to see a play in the theater, in one voice say that a few flat and not spelled out in detail th e story “on stage — like magic — becoming one of the most touching and the whole history of the entire franchise. The actors are doing with the audience something unbelievable- the audience crying from laughter, holding his breath, yelps of fear, bursts of applause mid-act. On stage the magic happens, in all senses: books hover in the air and make the puzzle, stick sparks fly, things evaporate, heroes, drinking the Polyjuice potion, turn into each other right in front of the amazed public. Hogwarts in seconds transformirovalsya in the Forbidden forest, and then in the Black lake. By the time when the hall flying Dementors, ideas about the possibilities of theatrical productions have changed radically”.

After these reviews I regret that I do not know any magic spells, and can do nothing to Russia ever appeared not only the book but also the staging. Although, I must say, the text of the play is also a powerful ramavaram — I thought I’d read for about fifteen minutes, and away it turns out only a couple of hours later. In the history of grown-up Harry and his son jumped in with both feet, regardless of age. In addition to the key conflict of fathers and children there are relations between the long-married people, the difficulty of women making a career, fear of losing a loved one and the ability to let go of the past… the plot twists and the characters were answered by JK Rowling, and the book has obviously benefited from all the experiments of the writer with the prose for adults. “Harry Potter and the cursed child” — the story is more versatile than the previous seven books in the “Harry Potter”, and despite all the reverse spells, potion s and transformations, the life in it much more than magic.

the initial edition of the eighth book in Britain amounted to 4.5 million copies. And he’s already sold. The product was ahead of “Romeo and Juliet” of William Shakespeare, and became the fourth fastest selling book in the history of British literature. According to the publisher Scholastic in North America alone, two days since the release of the pieces has sold 2 million copies. In Russia “Harry Potter and the cursed child” was published by “swallowtail” translated by Maria Spivak, starting with a circulation of 150 thousand copies.

Action first. Scene one

Station, kings Cross

the Station is full of people, all busily somewhere in a hurry. Among the commotion of the two loaded carts, each pohramyvaet top large bird cage. Cart driven by two boys, one James Potter, the other Albus Potter. Behind them is their mother Ginny. Harry, a man thirty-seven years, carries on his shoulder daughter, Lily.

— Dad. It again.

James, calm down already.

I only said that he can get into “Slytherin”… and he may… (fading under the angry gaze of his father) … all silent.

Albus (mother)
— You will write to me? You?

Every day if you want.

— No. No. It’s not every day. James says, most people get letters from home about once a month. I don’t want…

Your brother last year, we wrote three times a week.

What? James!

Albus angrily looks at James.

Yes. Don’t believe everything he says about “Hogwarts”. He is a big prankster, your brother.

James (with a grin)
— Can we please go?

Albus looks at her father then at her mother.

— you just Need to walk straight at the wall between platforms nine and ten.

Action first. Scene two

— everything is so cool!

— most Importantly, don’t stop and don’t be afraid to crash, this is the most important. Best run if you’re nervous about.

I’m ready.

Harry and Lily take the truck Albus, Ginny — a truck James, and together they run headlong to the barrier.


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