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Collective Security Treaty Organization is not in a position to combat terrorism – Russian Planet

The foreign ministers of the countries – members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization gathered on Monday, December 21 in Moscow, so that, according to the official release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, to discuss the issues of further improvement of the system of collective security and the fight against international terrorism.

In addition, according to the present media attention to the official report, in the past the walls of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the round table, the Foreign Ministers of the CSTO discussed and a number of prepared for the next session of the CSTO documents.

The situation in Central Asian region can not be called quiet because of the meeting and the reason is a matter of can not – it’s not just another opportunity to meet and, in fact, a random event. After all, international terrorism in general and its representatives in the name of “Islamic state” (IG, an organization banned in Russia) – the threat of even short term, and the current. And it’s very serious. It is enough to look at least to the ethnic composition of those who are included in this megabandu.

According to the charter of the Organization of Collective Security Treaty, established on May 15, 1992 in Tashkent, the main objectives of its activities are just “consolidation of peace, international and regional security and stability, the collective defense of the independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Member States ».

Is there, however, a reservation that priority is given to the method of conflict resolution” political means. ” And, alas, alas, following more than two decades have shown its fundamental vulnerability. Today, the reference to “political means” as a priority, and all can cause a smile. If only they do not imply a notorious “soft power.” But that’s only in 1992 about such, and have heard did not hear …

What is the strength of the CSTO?

It should be noted that the very subject of this meeting of heads foreign ministers of Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Belarus, a number of experts was received skeptically.

«I would probably not call the CSTO even a” precursor “in the fight against global terrorism – complained in an interview with” Russian world “chief editor of” Geopolitics “Leonid Savin. – This organization is that even really can not cope with many issues at the regional problems. Thus, in 2010, the year they were not able to influence the revolution in Kyrgyzstan. Not followed then in general no clear response through the CSTO, a vague statement got off, though, in general, have all the necessary powers to intervene ».

The head of the Central Asia Department of the CIS Institute, Andrei Grozin not so categorical . “Collective Security Treaty Organization – an organization established primarily to parry external calls, but not to take part in the problems that exist within the republics,” – he reminded the expert, noting that the talk is necessary for the military structure, and not to the police.

Whatever it was, but always constructive to talk about the “bird in the hand” rather than a “pie in the sky.” And the CSTO – the same bird in the Central Asian region, which is in fact no alternative. Attempts to create it, of course, being made, but the same SCO is too global for operational security tasks of the CSTO: China has traditionally played in its wake.

Its point of view is, of course, and the North Atlantic Alliance which basically can not afford to go anywhere vstryat not, but that’s only option to consider seriously the possible involvement of NATO in military operations on the territory of Central Asia is hardly necessary. Teaches a lesson of Afghanistan is not so easy to forget.

It’s time to be at the same time

One way or another, “the conservatory’s time to change something.” In fact, the countries – members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization has not yet proved to be ready to work together, without “pulling the blanket.” Domestic ambitions prevail, and this is reflected, for example, in a rather strange position of Belarus, which she took in assessing Russia’s conflict with Ukraine and Turkey.

The second case is particularly egregious in the context of the current conversation on “collective security “. After all, we agree with or that unacceptable frank flirting with terrorists and even more so – making it difficult to fight with them, or fenced off in the spirit of rhetoric: “you are a fool and you are a fool.” But if you feel like it was the head of the Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei fly to Moscow?

A cursory study of the “Chronicle” events held under the auspices of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, allows you to just two coupled output. First, the sharply increased activity of all sorts of “preventive” measures aimed at preventing possible external aggression. Here and general intensification of military-technical cooperation, and the recent military exercises in the transfer and deployment of large military contingents to the territory of the Russian Federation in the Central Asia. Military experts point out and to conduct the recent series of highly specialized military training activities, when perfected maneuvers drones in mountainous terrain. Remember from the recent there is a lot to it.

Secondly, it was organized by the Russian side it. Moscow did not seem to hurt, but surely gives CSTO colleagues cuffs – say, wake up, guys.

Obviously, the organization’s charter requires adjustment due to modern challenges and threats and “national characteristics” of individual team members. But at the last meeting in Moscow this topic is not raised.

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