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Russia and the United States approved a historic agreement on Syria – Sight

Plan for settlement of the conflict in Syria, where the clash between Russian, US and other international players, suggests a ceasefire, the creation of a new constitution and holding elections. At the same time the Russian managed to have his own, and demand the resignation of Assad document does not contain. But differences remain, including quite unexpected.

On the eve of the conference of the International Support Group Syria, which was attended by the foreign ministers of 18 countries (including Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry), the UN Security Council unanimously It adopted a resolution in support of the talks in Damascus with the opposition, and approved the plan for a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

«We are easy to work with President Assad, and with the American side. Easy Why? We do not wag their tails and the position does not change »

The document” endorses the Geneva communiqué of 30 June 2012 and the “Vienna Declaration ‘as a basis for” the implementation under the leadership and with the active participation of the Syrian political transition with the aim of to end the conflict in Syria. ” “These documents make up a common platform for the resolution of the bloody Syrian crisis,” – said the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, quoted by RIA “Novosti”. Lavrov added that the format of Vienna – the only one that brings together all the influential players. “Because of this it is able to provide the conditions for a sustainable and just solution through negotiations between the Government and the whole spectrum of the Syrian opposition,” – the minister said.

A ceasefire and a transitional government

The plan of peaceful settlement involves a ceasefire. “We hope that the national cease-fire would include all but Daishev (LIH) and” Al-Nusra “, as well as those we can identify further”, – said Kerry.

«Extras designated” planned terrorist groups, preparation of the list was entrusted to Jordan. It is noteworthy that in the first illustrated embodiment, there is no organization, “Ahrar al-Sham.” But representatives of the “Akhrarov” became part of the Higher Committee for the negotiations, which was established at the conference of the Syrian opposition in Riyadh on December 8-10. Meanwhile, according to the Lebanese expert Mohammed Balluta, the military core of “Ahrar al-Sham” amounted former cadres “of al-Qaeda.” A platform of this major gangs (the number of “Ahrar al-Sham” is estimated at 20-25 thousand. Militants) differs little from the plants’ Dzhebhat al-Nusra. ” It is believed, that this was possible at the urging of Saudi Arabia, which classifies the militant Islamist group to “moderate opposition”.

Who He makes friends with anyone and is fighting in Syria and Iraq

But LIH there are no differences, and Kerry called on all parties to the conflict to concentrate on the fight against these Islamists maximum effort. “IG should not be allowed to gain control over Syria. So we have a global priority – to deal with a terrorist group, as well as to put an end to the civil war and bring legitimacy to the Syrian government, “- said the head of the State Department.

The Security Council also stressed the need for the mechanism of “monitoring, verification and reporting” of the ceasefire. According to the resolution, UN Secretary-General shall, within one month after the adoption of the document, “the Security Council to submit a report on the options for such a mechanism (monitoring the truce), which he can support.” According to Lavrov, the leading role in organizing the process of removing the Syrian Ban Ki-moon and UN Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura. In addition, according to the Russian minister, the resolution gives the international legal weight to the preparatory process of negotiations between the Syrian opposition and the official Damascus.

Fighting Russian terrorism in Syria: by what means, and how to put the missile and bomb strikes

The truce in Syria “should come into force as soon as the parties to the conflict” will begin early steps to implement political reforms, “the resolution says. The aim of the political process should be the creation of a transitional government for six months, as well as holding not less than 18 months’ free and fair elections “in accordance with the new constitution, the document says. As highlighted in the UN Security Council, to take part in them must be approved by “all Syrians, including representatives of the Diaspora.”

By adopting the resolution, the UN Security Council called on the parties in Syria to “immediately allow humanitarian organizations prompt, safe and unhindered access throughout Syria for the most direct route” to minimize the consequences of the humanitarian catastrophe.

Another important value resolution – association of international forces to fight terror, said Lavrov. “Today’s unanimous vote to open the way to forming a broad front against terrorism on the basis of the UN Charter with the support of all, who on earth is opposed to terrorism, including the army of Syria, the Kurdish militia, the armed forces of the Syrian patriotic opposition. A contribution to the solution of this problem became acting Air Space Forces of the Russian Federation in response to the request of the legitimate Government of the Syrian Arab Republic, “he -podcherknul.

Bashar Assad has not got to a resolution

It is noteworthy that the document does not mention Bashar al-Assad, the future of which remains a stumbling block. Instead, the resolution emphasizes that “the Syrian people will determine the future” of the country. John Kerry said, the United States recognize the differences on Assad’s further stay in power, but continued to insist on his departure. “Not all share that view in the room, but most of the group support Syria believe that President Assad has lost the opportunity and the ability to unite the country, has lost the moral authority that would give him the opportunity to lead the country in the future – said Kerry. – It is not a question of ideology and not a matter of choice, but the reality, the fact that, given the situation on the ground. If we want the war to end, it is necessary that the Syrian people agree on an alternative government. ”

Earlier, Lavrov emphasized separately that the requirement of resignation of Assad does not fall into the group consensus approach. Moscow did not support him, considering unacceptable to put any preconditions for the fight against terrorism.

Syria must remain united, secular, multi-ethnic and multi-confessional state, comfortable and safe for the entire population, Lavrov said. As co-chair of “international support group of Syria”, he declared his readiness in the future, together with the UN and the United States to convene the next meeting in this format on the Syrian settlement to determine further steps to resolve the crisis in that country.

«The role of Russia is extremely important and useful»

Commenting on the results of the meeting of the UN Security Council, John Kerry and the State Department spokesman, John Kirby thanked Moscow for its role in the settlement situation. According to Kerry, Lavrov “I helped to bring all sides to the negotiating table, create a database, which has not been all these years.” “All the negotiators recognize that the road ahead to be difficult. We are now in that moment, when we ask everyone to provide assistance to those who need to, we call to stop the use of certain weapons and apparently immediately cease attacks against civilians, “- he said.

In turn, Kirby said that “Russia’s role is very important because the country has a certain influence on the Assad regime, but also because Russia was extremely important and useful for the process (settlement) relating to all the international community, we are grateful for it. ”

that Moscow and Washington can agree, as appropriate, and noted Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova, “We have seen that both sides have made a huge contribution to the elaboration of the draft resolution, which was later adopted by the UN Security Council. I think this is the main indicator of the fact that, despite their differences, despite the fact that each of our countries has its own national interests in various fields, and we know how to negotiate. Differences remain disagreements. But we can, and I think that in the future we will continue to negotiate “- said Zakharov.

The meeting of UN Security Council called it “historic”. “What has been done, including by the Russian side, today received enshrined in international law through the adoption of a Security Council resolution. All this is now underway in the design of an international legal instrument, the Security Council resolution, “- added the Foreign Ministry spokesman.

The fact that Moscow – a reliable partner in cooperation on the Syrian crisis, said Vladimir Putin. “It’s easy for some reason? We do not wag their tails and the position does not change “- the president said. According to him, Russia has clearly stated its position on the Syrian settlement. “We asked people first: whether or not to agree or disagree. In principle, the basic parameters of the settlement of all said, “Yes.” And then we have formulated its position on those components that are common and acceptable, and we can not now jump from side to side “like a flea in a lasso,” – he added the head of the Russian state.


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