Saturday, December 19, 2015

Ukrainian intelligence sent Russian singers on tour to Syria – BBC

It all started with a message on the site Chief of Intelligence Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in the section “Analysis, the situation around Syria.” After reporting on the number of strikes that have caused the Russian planes, and the movement of troops Assad,

scouts added that Russian artists gather in the propaganda team and fly to Syria with a concert.

«In connection with the recent loss of staff contingent of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria and the need to improve his moral and psychological state of the Russian leadership is considering the possibility of sending to Syria of Russian pop stars, who because of the sanctions western countries are significantly constrained tours abroad. The structure of “propaganda teams” previously included Konstantin Ernst, Valdis Pelsh, Vladimir Ilyin, Leonid Yakubovich, Iosif Kobzon, Hope Babkin, Oleg Gazmanov, Denis Maidan, Valeriya, Polina Gagarina, Michael Rastorguev, as well as the group “Quatro”, “factory” and “VIA Gra”, – said the Ukrainian intelligence.

Probably it comes to New Year’s concert for the Russian group of war, which is now based Hmeymim near Latakia.

The exact composition and size of the Russian groups in Syria not disclosed. But we know that there is a significant number of Russians. Since the beginning of counter-terrorist operations in Syria Russian air base in the province of Latakia Hmeymim were also deployed military aircraft and helicopters. Total – about 50 aircraft. Also, there is the personnel for maintenance and piloting. In addition, the framework for the protection of air and space forces of Russia in Latakia were sent Marines of the Black Sea Fleet, Army and special forces soldiers 7-01 assault Airborne Division of the Russian Federation. In addition, the Russians are based in Syria, Tartus. There is a point of basing and repair of Russian ships. Point guard two platoons of Marines.

All of them are waiting for the New Year, which is traditionally associated with the festive concert.

the stars themselves were unhappy with the spread of information on their overseas tour.

Valdis Pelsh denied this information. The actor said, “Russian news service” (PHC), which at the moment we are on a trip to Syria is not. He was surprised that the Defense Ministry of Ukraine told about such and that it is at all interested in his affairs. “This is probably the most urgent cases that are coming to them right now. Let them of doing in the future, I have nothing against, “- said Pelsh.

Singer Nikolai Rastorguev brutally answered the question PCH, right telling where it is possible to send Ukrainian intelligence.

«Travel no no” – said the group leader “Lube” slightly cooled down.

The music producer and husband of singer Valerie Joseph Prigogine questioned the adequacy of intelligence. “Idiocy is not treated! They need a psychiatrist! “- Said the producer. He noted that the artists themselves on such “Syrian assault” is heard for the first time, these proposals have not received them. Commenting on the statement that the Russian artists of the sanctions western countries are significantly constrained tour abroad, Prigogine said that they do not experience problems. Valeria is very intense touring schedule, including abroad, said the producer.

Meanwhile, the singer Oleg Gazmanov has approved the idea of ​​creating propaganda team to maintain the morale and fighting spirit of the Russian military in Syria.

«On the whole, interesting idea. I, of course, is ready to support in every corner of our globe. I compose these songs, “- said the radio station” Moscow speaking “Oleg Gazmanov. He said that he learned about the plans to hold similar concerts from the press.

People’s Artist Iosif Kobzon also said that he would gladly went to Syria, and spoke to the Russian pilots, but added that as long as this is not possible.

«For me and for my repertoire need sound equipment, which is currently not yet in Syria at the airport – leads LifeNews word artist. – Exploration of Ukraine misinformed. I am ready to come, regardless of the Ukrainian intelligence, because I am always ready to support our children, wherever they are ».


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