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“Times” visited the shooting sports show “Without insurance” – BBC

Two Maori tattooed and looking as if they had just arrived from New Zealand show freestyle acrobatics under the remix «He Lives in You» from the second part of “The Lion King”, the monks of the Shaolin slowly flow from one rack in the other under the meditative mantra, and the characters of French comic books and film Asterix and Obelix are doing something incredible for «I Fell Good» James Brown.

Marilyn Monroe jumping with Charlie Chaplin on a trampoline under the «Puttin ‘On The Ritz », almost exemplary family plays a scandal at a suitable occasion the band’s song” accident “, and soon at the site is expected penguin from Antarctica, Princess Fun from the” Flying Ship “and a cat Basilio with fox Alice.

What is is

This is not the doubles competition, although some actors praised the jury for accuracy in creating the image. The company “Red Square” continues filming the show “Without insurance”, the output of which is expected at the Channel at the beginning of 2016.

«The idea of ​​the show the original, but the idea is reflected in the title -” Without insurance “, – says producer Project Ilya Krivitsky. – It is based on all kinds of gymnastics – artistic, athletic and air, acrobatics, floor exercise, trampoline, bars, beam. And, of course, all the participants of the show are the uninsured. The competition is very difficult physically – and for those who did gymnastics when he was a child, and for those who are involved in sports – but not gymnastic – professional ».

Who is involved

« Members, of course, came to the project is not on the street – says the producer of “Without insurance” Ilya Krivitsky – but most of them have a different profession – they are actors, singers. Even Olympic champions that we are involved, we have to do is not something that they are used to ».

Couples participants composed of tried and tested in other similar shows principle – a partner stellar party becomes a professional who can help during the execution of the trick.

For example, in a pair of boxer Konstantin Tszyu speaks gymnast circus on the colored Boulevard Alexander Dem’yanets with dancer and actor Yevgeny Papunaishvili – master of sports of international class gymnastics and circus artist Layla Gruzdev and actress and State Duma Maria Kozhevnikova – master of sports in acrobatics and circus artist, too, Vladimir Yefimov.

However, the loss of the team already has. Actress and TV presenter and actress Nastassja Sambursky Christine Asmus torn ligaments and refused further participation in the show. Announced his retirement and TV presenter Marina Kim, who is expecting a baby.

Actress Rose Syabitova, despite the trauma, asked the judges to leave her on the project.

Dmitry Singers also left the show, but the scandal – finally, he wrote an open letter accusing the creators of “Without insurance” in the poor organization of the process of shooting.

«Letter Dmitry was emotional, but very sorry that he was gone, – said Krivitsky Pevtsova care. – It is perfectly made in the three programs, but then decided that enough for him. In fact, he took to participate in the program, how to shoot in film ».

Who judges

« Without insurance “as close as possible to the sport,” – said Krivitsky.

Chairman of the jury became Irina Viner – the chief coach of the Russian national team in rhythmic gymnastics. One of the judges – gymnast Larisa Latynina, a nine-time Olympic champion, European champion and the world, honored master of sports of the USSR.

They are mostly evaluated the extent to which purely participants fulfilled their rooms – ie scores are based on sporting criteria.

During the show the jury responsible comedian Vladimir Vinokur. A fourth judge will shift, in this issue assess the performance of the singer Filipp Kirkorov. They are dependent on evaluation, which participants receive for artistry.

For a number of participants can count from one to ten points from each of the judges. At the end of the assessment phase are summed, and the two teams, ranked last, play each other in the shootout.

How to prepare participants

The team that prepares “Without insurance” before doing similar projects “Fort Bayard”, “The Last Hero”, “The Great Race”, “Cruel Intentions”, “tower”. But Krivitsky noted that they were made under licenses of foreign companies and were primarily show and sports component fades into the background.

At this time, to prepare participants for stages Competition were invited those who train the national team of Russia and teachers of the Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

«Here, the risk is higher than in the previous projects, an approach conscious. It was a conscious risk. As another way to master the trampoline gymnastics or air? “- Asks the producer. He notes that in sports schools prepare newcomers for several years, which simply do not have the show. “We have a television project, which are reserved months».

The two-time Olympic champion bobsledder Aleksey Voivod noticed that when you do not know how to run or jump without a coach do not do anything.

«The competition new motor skills, new moves, new culture training. And compared with the preparation for the Olympic Games can not be – it is incomparable, “- he said.

At this point, Voivod performed in the image of Obelix – and did so, in the opinion of the jury, barely if not better than Gerard Depardieu.

«From the party right time, right concentration, willpower, – says Krivitsky. – They are in demand in their profession, and our project allows them to test themselves, to prove to the audience as a man who can do something extraordinary – for example, jump on the trampoline. Can you not to miss a workout, do you have the willingness to injury. This show is about the character: if you can beat yourself ».


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