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Ieropevets father Photios: overcome any temptation winner of the “Voices” – Moskovsky Komsomolets

The Tale of pop music and its employees

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Ieromonah Photios

Ieromonah Photios – the winner of the fourth season of the “The Voice” – I like it. And not just me alone – for it voted for 76% of all the votes for the winner. This is not surprising. Against the background of already bored colorful and sometimes provocatively glamorous scenic images clear voice that reproduces exactly all the notes and overtones, which comes from a man dressed in a monk’s habit, it can not fail to impress. What’s that, and knew how to sing in churches forever. And more than that – nothing develops as voice, like church singing. You can consider this the most correct music lessons can be a miracle of God, but the fact remains – who sing in church choirs, soon begins to take notes, which previously could not conceive. This is the truth, confirmed by more than one person singing. Yes, and the monk – a clever man, a light from which emanates peace and serenity. In general, such an embodiment, in public it sorely lacking modern society. But!

Do not be naive to think that the monk Photios – just a random tserkovnosluzhaschy who suddenly kindled a desire to take part in the popular music contest on the First Channel and absolutely unpredictable it won. Miracles, of course, happen, let alone especially on the eve of Christmas, but not in the office, which is at least indirectly, for these very wonders responsible. Let’s remember who the monk in the structure of the Orthodox Church. This is a man who took vows and commit his life to God by giving a dinner of celibacy, obedience and nestyazhatelstva. That is the assumption that the monk Photius went to a secular, moreover, pop project without the blessing of their spiritual mentor, absolutely excluded. It is not just contrary to the canons of the Church, it completely negates them. There should be no doubt that the church authorities Photios father approved his participation in a secular project. And, of course, not for aggrandizement thereof – which is also contrary to the purpose priesthood, and, I suppose, for the sake of a higher goal – to increase the popularity and importance of the role of the church clergyman in society. Indirectly confirms this reflection and the Patriarch himself, he turned his attention to winning high priesthood: “I congratulate the father Photios with a victory in the competition” The Voice “- His Holiness wrote in their social account. – The company from the beginning has been highly controversial, and even, I would say, dangerous to the monk. Because the bandstand and the monastic vocation as it were incompatible. But the result, surprisingly, turned out to be positive – I think, and for his father Photios, and for all those who listened to him and who loved ».

In general, the fact that the church is looking for ways to influence the the minds of the laity, there is nothing reprehensible. Today, for the mind and soul of man are fighting, who could only from patriots and local educators to liberals and foreign promoters. And institutions of the Church, whose direct functions, in fact, should be part of the struggle for the soul, not only has an equal right to the other, and more – is obliged to do. The strengthening of the ties of another national – Orthodoxy is not the slightest bad, especially at the present time, especially when a person is in need of support, comfort, explanation and a warning. And the monk Photius with his victory in the “Voice” where as better and more useful to the Church and society, and higher meaning – faith in God, than, say, the consumer, “McDonald’s” in the Christmas post, sacked recently from the post of chairman of the Synodal Department for Cooperation Church and Society Archpriest Chaplin or whether an actor, or a writer, or a priest Ivan Okhlobystin. A society – ordinary secular – Today, alas, judges clergymen for just such a weird series of spiritual mentors persons. So his father Photios task a little more complicated than in the musical project win, he is expected to enhance the interest and sympathy, and trust in the institution of lay church, or at least awakening interest. Decent service, whatever you say.

But the main thing that? The main thing that the father Photios deal with it. For a year or two does not become available to the public information that the monk participates in corporate events and performance it is, like the top ten stars of the domestic variety, from 100 thousand euros. For we do not read in the list of “Forbes” that he took first place in incomes among Russian singers. To not light his name in a public scandal to the paparazzi did not catch it in the society of beautiful women and, contrary to expectations, more beautiful men. Because it will be a real knockout for the church, for good reason those who deceived trust, Dante placed on the last lap of his hell.

A producer Joseph Prigogine between Photios father has already offered to record an album of his songs. “I, as a manager, the story of the hieromonk Photius clear. Personally, I see it “music pastor”, the person who carries the word of God, sings some beautiful lyrical songs. Why not? Photios can collect halls, come out and say the right words to the audience, to carry the word of God, can sing the word of God “- quoted Prigogine RIA” Novosti “. Presumably, dreams and Grigory Leps, producers and other big names. But to think, the church father Photios vorotilam show business does not give the most needed. Not without reason in the Gospel of Mark tells the parable of the beans. And that sow them ought everywhere: by the way, and on the stony ground, and among thorns, and the good ground, that at least one-fourth of the fallen rose and gave the right crop.

Read an interview with hieromonk Photius: “Hieromonk Photios did enchanting recognition before the final show” The Voice »”


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