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January 1 marks the 40th anniversary of the premiere of the comedy “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!” – TASS

TASS-DOSSIER. January 1, 2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the premiere of the lyric Christmas comedy directed by Eldar Ryazanov, “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”, One of the most popular and beloved Soviet films.


The film is set in 1970 in Moscow and Leningrad. The plot went absolutely love story of two strangers who meet in an unexpected combination of circumstances in the New Year’s Eve. The protagonist – a 36-year-old Muscovite, doctor Yevgeny Lukashin – on the eve of the New Year together with friends go to the bath. After a friendly get-togethers tipsy friends mistakenly sent him to Leningrad.

At the airport Lukashin, not realizing that he is in another city, take a taxi and the driver calls his Moscow address – 3rd Street. Builders, Building 25, Apt. 12. Ironically, the northern capital, there is a street with the same name and the same number at home. As a result, unsuspecting hero finds himself in someone else’s apartment, where it is a meeting with the teacher Galina Sheveleva.


In 1969, Eldar Ryazanov, together with playwright Emil Braginsky wrote the play “On Enjoy Your Bath! One day or New Year’s Eve … “. Moscow theater performances take for her to refuse, but in the provinces it was a great success. By the early 1970s, the play was almost 100 theatrical stages of the country.

According to the memoirs of the director, initially he wanted to write a play with a minimum number of actors and scenery. What was the basis for the story line, do not know exactly, because the story of the film over time has acquired a variety of real and unreal facts.

The very Ryazanov in an interview talked about heard it once the draw: “One man December 31 went to bath, drank it, then went to a friend who celebrated their wedding anniversary … Drunken Joker, one of the guests, took him to the Kiev railway station. ” According to another version, the idea of ​​the script he suggested friends, told about the chess player, flying at competitions in Omsk, but happened to be in Novosibirsk.

On the basis of the play Ryazanov and Braginsky wrote the script for a feature film. However, at the “Mosfilm” director denied the statement, considering the history of “propaganda of drunkenness.” According to one version, the shooting of the picture is not endorsed himself head of the USSR State Committee for Cinematography (State Committee for Cinematography) Philip Ermash.

Then Ryazanov proposed setting television, he was supported by the chairman of the State Committee for Television and radioveschaiyu (Radio and Television), Sergei Lapin. It was decided to remove the two-part comedy at the Creative Association of TV films. “Mosfilm” commissioned by the television production and provided the technical basis for the shooting.

Choosing the actors

Ryazanov very carefully treated to the selection of actors for future paintings. On the role of Zhenya Lukashin director originally planned to invite a popular Soviet actor Oleg Dal, but after the trial rejected the idea. What exactly was the cause is unknown. However, there is a version that Ryazanov wanted to make an image of your hero softer and Dahl Distinguishing it does not fit. Failure to obtain as Andrei Mironov, largely due to its high popularity, as well as Peter Velyaminov and Stanislav Lyubshin.

Later Ryazanov justified his choice: “To play a man in nesoobrazhenii while remaining and natural and cute and funny – a very daunting task. ” The most convincing for the director Andrei Myagkova steel sample, which at that time was not yet widely known to the viewer. First Ryazanov did not consider the role of the artist as a Myagkova Lukashina not considered him a comedian (to “Twist of Fate …” was played, in particular, Arkady Gaidar and Vladimir Lenin). However, after the trial to the director changed. Subsequently Miagkov starred in no less popular film Ryazanov’s “Office Romance”.

On the role of Nadia Sheveleva also tried several famous Soviet actress – Lyudmila Gurchenko Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Alisa Freundlich, Valentine Talyzina and others. However, Ryazanov stopped the Picks polka Barbara Brylska that remembered the film “Anatomy of Love” (1972, dir. Roman Zaluski). Later, the director in his book “Nepodvedennye outcome” wrote that “for its charming appearance felt biography, lived life, a hard life.” The actress said in Russian with a strong accent, so it had to duplicate the Valentine Talyzina (the scoring in the credits has not been specified). The very Talyzina played in “Twist of Fate …” girlfriend of the main character.

Groom Nadi Sheveleva – Hippolyte – had to play Oleg Basilashvili. It was approved and starred in several episodes, but for various reasons, including because of the death of his father, he refused further filming. The role of Hippolytus finally played Yuri Yakovlev.

The film has also been busy with Alexander Shirvindt Georgy Burkov Alexander Bielawski, Leah Akhedzhakova Olga Naumenko and others. A cameo role in his film, according to tradition, played by the director himself: he played Lukashina neighbor on the plane.

Music and songs for the film

The music for “Twist of Fate …” written by the famous composer Mikael Tariverdiev. His songs on poems by Bela Akhmadullina, Marina Tsvetaeva, Boris Pasternak, Yevgeny Yevtushenko and other poets (eight songs) performed by Alla Pugacheva and Sergey Nikitin.

These artists chose the composer himself, but their names were not included in the credits film, so many viewers felt that soft and Brylska sing in the film themselves.

In 1976, the firm “Melody” was released album with songs from the movie.


The work on the film began in February 1975. The studio “Mosfilm” has been allocated a large pavilion of 600 square meters. m. There also was shot most of the interiors of the Moscow and Leningrad apartments main characters and scenes in the bath. Outdoor shooting took place in two prefabricated houses on Vernadsky Prospekt in Moscow. The house number 125 located “Apartment” Lukashin and house number 113 – the main character. In December 2003, the buildings were installed plaques – in the form of portfolios sticking out of their bath brooms. The scenes were shot on the street in Moscow on the street. Shvernik, a number of episodes was shot in Leningrad.

Already in June 1975 the film has been completely installed, voiced and ready to be shown. Significantly reduce the time of shooting allowed “multi-channel method”, which applied the operator Vladimir Nakhabtsev. When this method is used simultaneously three Filming apparatus, each of which is provided with a system of television viewing. This allows you to achieve a natural shooting, and allows you to view footage on the screen at once all members of the crew.

But wait for tape had another six months as prime minister was timed for the New Year.


telepremera “Twist of Fate …” took place on 1 January 1976, in 17:45 of the first program of the Central Television. The audience of the first show to reach 100 million viewers. The painting was such a success that a month later, on February 7, it again revealed by the Central Television by popular demand viewers.

There was also a new version of the comedy for its projection in theaters.

On memories Ryazanov, the premiere of his film aroused the audience reaction “enthusiastic and swift”: “Interestingly, several telegrams (from the audience) were sent on January 1 21 hours 03 minutes, 05 minutes, 06 minutes, 08 minutes, ie immediately after the end of show “.

Awards and Recognition

Even before the premiere, in late 1975 the picture was shown in the program of the 6th All-Union Festival of TV films, held in Tbilisi, and took the first place .

After the screens in a survey of readers of the magazine “Soviet Screen” in 1976

ode comedy was recognized as the best film of the year, and the soft – best actor. In the same year band nominated for the USSR State Prize, but he did not miss the tender committee.

In the next 1977, the picture still was among the nominees, despite the objection Head of State cinema Ermash. As a result, she was awarded the USSR State Prize, along with the film “The White Ship”, “Escape of Mr. McKinley,” “100 Days After Childhood” and “Time”. Winners were Ryazanov, Bragin, Nakhabtsev, Tariverdiev, soft and Brylska (the first foreign actress, received the State Prize).

“The Irony of Fate …” is one of the 100 best films in the history of national cinema version Russian Guild of Film Critics. For 40 years, Russian television stations have traditionally broadcast it on the eve of the New Year. Some phrases from the movie, the author of which was the actor Yuri Yakovlev became “cruise”: “How disgusting it is your fish in aspic”, “Oh, cushy went,” “Oh, rub my back, please, what are you sorry for what?” .


In 2007, commissioned by Channel One director Timur Bekmambetov created a sequel (the sequel) – “Irony of Fate. The Sequel”. The bulk of the comedy filmed in Prague (Czech Republic). The main roles performed again soft, Brylska and Yakovlev. Their children played Konstantin Habensky (Costa Lukashin) and Elizabeth Boyar (Nadia, the daughter of Nadia and Hippolytus).

The ban on Ukraine

In December 2015 the media reported that the film Ryazanov may be in the list of banned in Ukraine, if the State Agency for movies so request from the Ukrainian security officials. The formal reason is that Valentine Talyzina, who plays the girlfriend of the main character, is among those who “threaten national security” in Ukraine.

December 28 the National Council on Television and Radio explained that “Irony fate … “is not forbidden to display in the Ukraine, as the film rolled evidence of the security agencies not to withdraw.


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