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Irony of Fate, or housewarming – Free Press

We is not known whether Eldar Ryazanov intimately acquainted with experts in real estate, but the last say – unusual situation in transactions with apartments that resemble one or another episode of his brilliant tapes happen in real life punctually.

«Yes, the same address»

About 15 ago, told employees the company “Miel” in November to one of the agents asked Newlyweds Nick and Olga and asked them to choose accommodation in one of the sleeping areas of the capital. The client asked for the opportunity to accelerate the process as planned to arrange a meeting of the New Year in a new apartment. Option that meets their requirements (typical panel “kopeck piece” on the top floor) was found rather quickly, and in mid-December, the couple boarded the previous organizational holiday bustle. To create a special atmosphere have decided to buy a live Christmas tree, and purchased just two (one for the parents of Nicholas, it would have to pick up the next day).

This is where the fun began. Not a day or two for the tree and no one came. And when Nicholas phoned his father, he assured his son that day agreed to go behind the tree of his brother Andrew, who delivered it safely and. Knowing the character of Andrew, Nicholas thought that he just too lazy to go through the city, and just bought a Christmas tree for the parents at the nearest market.

On the feast settlers gathered in an apartment not only relatives, but neighbors on the landing. And in the midst of the fun (caused by, among other things, was in the room and the presence of two trees), one of them told the story of a strange robbery happened recently in a similar house nearby. Unidentified thieves broke into the same apartment, located on the top floor, and stolen the Christmas tree. And criminals interested only the very tree ornaments with him, they took off and carefully laid down on the couch.

After that Nicholas and Olga found out that the father in law, dictating the second son of the first address, house numbers are mixed. He conscientiously arrived at the address, opened the door emergency key (which is like a movie, walked) and took a present. And since up to this point in the new apartment brother he never visited, the unfamiliar surroundings, by itself, did not cause suspicion. The next New Year in the best friendly traditions, Olga and Nicholas traditions bought stranger “victim” a new tree.

«Our friends have a tradition»

In 2011, says the company “Incom-Real Estate”, shortly before the Christmas holidays, a realtor called presentable middle-aged man and demanded to urgently pick up for him a house in a particular country village. Naturally, in such a way to see the New Year already in it. Since it was a serious money (location was an elite and very expensive), real estate agents to the client refused. Matched man agreed to buy a house without any hesitation.

While fully complete the registration of all necessary papers before December 31, it was not possible, the buyer had the opportunity to move into the house almost on the same day, which was very happy. When the experts asked what was caused by the rush of the transaction in return heard the almost classical: “We have a tradition with friends – every New Year we find new housing.”

«Can be scheduled happiness?»

«One of my colleagues – shares the history of independent capital realtor Nikolai Avesyan , – once was urgently pulled out of the family in the morning on December 31 and faced with the need to pick up in the evening for one of the visiting customers a safe place. Finding the appropriate database object, he found out that the owner is ready to show at any time, even now. Hoping to quickly correct situation, he got in touch with a potential tenant and one of his stunned: come to the view could not before 9 pm ».

Knowing that day actually lost, continues Avesyan, realtor has agreed (business a business) sounded in time to transmit to the client object. The meeting took place in a deserted subway station, and as before the battle of chimes was a little less than three hours, the client (representative man in the prime of life) has arrived, so to speak, “in full combat gear” – with champagne, cake and other relevant moment goodies.

Upon entering the apartment, he is well-trained commanding voice suggested hostess (pretty, by the way, a woman) immediately set the table, and the agent – not hesitating to do registration of all relevant papers.

«Exactly three months after this event – says Avesyan – in the apartment of my friend (who managed, by the way, go home for a few minutes before the televised address to the nation), the phone rang, and the same set by a commanding voice, a recent client asked him for his own wedding with landlady as the “culprit” of the fateful acquaintance. ”

«The key came»

«I had a once a very impatient and restless client – says free realtor from the suburbs Kirill Morozov , – who buy an apartment under a contract of equity in a newly built facility. And in early December, the house finished, but the procedure “gospriemka” has not yet carried out, so the keys are not handed out to new tenants. And as someone strongly disliked the prospect of meeting New Year in “bare” apartment, he crook prevail upon the responsible representative still give the key of the coveted apartments, so to speak, “in my own way,” then he spent the object designer and persuaded order begin repairs. I had to shell out a tidy sum, but all the finishing work was completed just before the New Year ».

What was the surprise of the client continues to Morozov, when after a tumultuous holiday vacation client found out that did repair … not in the apartment ! The fact was that he was in a hurry given the keys of the “mirror” apartments, located opposite. The man did not notice the trick, because it and the key came, and furniture finish was exactly the same (or rather, neither the one nor the other was not at all).

«Of course, his first a little confused by the fact that the kitchen was not from the entrance on the left and the right – sums Morozov – but this discrepancy was seen from a philosophical point of view – they say, looking to some parts of the world face to turn. In the end, everything ended well, although I had to spend a lot of effort and nerves to persuade the owner of the renovated apartments to agree to exchange objects with the client. Naturally, for an additional fee. ”


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