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“The Voice” 4 release from 12/26/2015: Patriarch Kirill congratulated the priesthood Photios with a victory in the show “The Voice» – RSUTE

Amur priest Svyatoslav Shevchenko commented on the victory priesthood Photios in the popular music show “The Voice.” Post the success of father Shevchenko published in the “Facebook».

«I am very happy for the priest Photios, who became the winner of” Voices “. So I understand that it can now be seen soon in some kind of pop projects? He also now need our prayers … the demons for him now will be engaged closely. In general, in a wonderful age we live – on the wide screen out Orthodox movies, cartoons, father rip music competitions “(spelling and punctuation preserved – approx. Ed.) – Wrote Amur priest.

Today air “First Channel” was published a program that went on behind the scenes of the “Naked” at rehearsals. All participants, coaches, and leading talk about how they had to work on the project and what kind of emotions they experienced at different moments. Of course, most interested in information about the winner of the show – hieromonks Fotie. But before you disclose the information directly about it, the directors decided to show how hard it is to sit in an armchair coach.

Basta, Grigory Leps, Alexander Gradsky and Polina Gagarina unanimously tell that it was very hard to choose between those members who were literally his family for a period of rehearsals. The most emotional was Pauline, but she clearly understands that these are the rules of the project. Even Alexander Gradsky agree that they are very cruel, and it is for the last three seasons, feels in this chair with such duties are not comfortable.

Busta told that fully understands why the majority of participants he chooses without enthusiasm went from him to the team. After his career is associated with rap, and the owners went to the scene of incredible voices and sounds. But his team admitted that have never regretted that got to him. Since it’s an incredibly smart, talented and patient teacher, which you can imagine. Participants acknowledged that to be in the project “The Voice” is difficult, and all because of what you do not know what to expect from the new air – a new take-off or falling. Things can change in a few instants so much that it is impossible to imagine.

The finale of the fourth season of the popular show “The Voice” on the results of SMS-voting winning monk Photius. voted for him about 76% of the audience . Photios sang «Per te» («For you”). In the final for the victory with Photios fought three more members. It Olga Zadonskaya, Dawn Cannes and Mikhail Ozerov.

Singer in his speech thanked the coach Grigory Leps. “My win, I think, not entirely deserved. I bow to all participants , who were before me and left a competitive race. They are great professionals. I do not know how I got to the top of the “- Tass quoted him.

The money collected by the SMS voting will go to charity. As the producer of the project Yuri Aksyuta in live received about 940 000 messages . “All the money will go to charity – those who are seriously,” – he said. The funds will go the organization “Mercy”, which brings together 25 aid projects.

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