Saturday, December 26, 2015

Prigogine: monk Photius must continue to speak to an audience – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, December 26 – RIA Novosti. A well-known Russian producer Joseph Prigogine believes that the monk Photius, who won the fourth season of the show “The Voice”, should continue to speak to an audience.

In addition to the priesthood Photios in the final of the fourth season of the popular music show on the Russian First Channel came Mikhail Ozerov, Olga Zadonskaya Era and Cannes. The winner of the project determined the viewers voting on the air on Friday. Mentors participating in this season were Grigory Leps, Vasily Vakulenko (Basta), Polina Gagarina and Alexander Gradskij.

“I, as a manager, the story of the hieromonk Photius clear. Personally, I see it” music pastor “, the person who carries the word of God, sings some beautiful lyrical songs. Why not? God created music and gave us the opportunity it feeling. Photios can collect halls, come out and say the right words to the audience, to carry the word of God, can sing the word of God “- said Prigogine RIA Novosti.

According to the producer, he personally would be recorded ieromonahu album,” where The song will make sense – the word. ”

“The man with the clean look and pure thoughts came and won, then what for him this gain has come, it has to its disposition. Somewhere to hide it would be wrong, God helped him,” – said Prigogine.

According to Prigogine, for Grigory Leps, who became a mentor priesthood in the program, in a sense, it was also God’s Providence.

“For Grisha is a major victory in itself. Photios is very individual, is not like the others – and it is this kind of cleansing, you can believe it, but you can not “- said the source.

Ieromonah Photius (in the world Vitali Motchalov) was born in Nizhny Novgorod in 1987. After high school he enrolled at the music school, but studied had only a year – together with his family he emigrated to Germany, where he learned to play the organ. Three years later, Vitali returned to Russia and took monastic vows with the name of Photios in a monastery in the Kaluga region. Participation in the music competition “The Voice” monk received the blessing of Metropolitan Clement (Kapalin).

For the first time vocal TV show “The Voice” was launched in the First Channel in October 2012 and immediately became popular among viewers. The project is the Russian adaptation of the original format of The Voice, which first appeared in 2010 on the Dutch TV.


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