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Comedy “The best day”: without glasses no vocals – Proceedings

In rolling out the new film Jora gooseberry where Dmitry Nagiyev performed hits Leps


A still from the movie” The best day “. Photo:

New film by Timur Bekmambetov has become almost a mandatory element of the holiday, but because in the last pre-weekend audience waiting for “The Best Day”, where Bekmambetov made as a producer and director chair conceded Jaurès gooseberry together to try to revive the tradition of Soviet musical comedies.

The film is billed as a comedy karaoke, so all in the frame not only drink, but also sing, and most popular songs – from folk songs to Leps (a line from the song of the same name which became the title of the painting ).

In fact, “The Best Day” – is, in fact, “Bitter-3″, which gooseberries, according to his statement, was not going to shoot. Set, in any case, is the same: the preparations for the wedding, crazy relatives quarrel against the backdrop of a hit from the Leps and sweet reconciliation in the end.

Santa Claus replaced by Dmitry Nagiyev and Julia Alexandrova, who play the two lovers – elderly traffic police Petya Vasyutin and senior cashier at a local gas station with the simple name of Olga.

They have found each other in the winter, when a drunken hero Nagiyev himself to a beautiful stranger on the bus. Stranger initially refused such happiness, but then, having estimated their chances of personal life in a small town where the other potential suitors more trenchant, reciprocated. And summer otrinuvshego Vasjutin green dragon gave his beloved ring – the most expensive, was found in a jewelry store. Olya already chose a dress and a restaurant, but suddenly her happiness prevented razluchnitsa – stray pop star, the dream of all men’s wet dream Alina Whisper (Olga Seryabkina), which was drunk crashed into the car DPS, met so with Vasyutin and decided it out of boredom seduce. Well, with the personal life in our country everything is bad, not only among ordinary girls, but also in the capital divas and Vasjutin generally a good guy, especially when you do not drink, so something heroine Seryabkina can understand.

Next comes a drama betrayal, separation and suffering, which can be seen in almost any television series, but then there’s all the dancing and singing on a course of action. And sing themselves – and Nagiyev, for whom this was the musical debut in the movie, and, of course, lead singer of “Silver” Olga Seryabkina, and even the old guard in the person of Mikhail Boyarsky and Inna Chourikova who play the parents Vasyutin.

to kick-start the movie with all branded characters and jokes from Zory gooseberry, about whom almost every spectator can say, “Oh, so this is about me,” the second part of the film suddenly becomes strained and dull morality that we must cherish the love and not in money happiness. To enhance the effect of gooseberry used a lot of hidden and direct quotes – and of his paintings, and famous sitcoms like “Shirley Myrli” (Churikov repeats his famous “I’m sorry!”, Not adding, “Duru, a sinner”). As a result, a comedy-farce became a failed attempt to combine satire and lyrics in the same plot.

By the way, all the action takes place in the summer surrounded by green fields and blue rivers, and only occurs in isolation under the generous tree with artificial snow. But in fact, this binding for the New Year is not arbitrary – there is no better time for reconciliation and collection of a large family than the last days of December. Moreover, what should happen a miracle – deceived Olya forgive her fiancé and everyone else reconciled and sing in unison the final song, which was called the migrant even with a balalaika, to emphasize the unity and universal love.

But if the scene hilarious binge-drinking still believe, in the lyrical moments of hypocrisy emerges: too stressed doltishness hero Nagiyev, too tidy and beautiful heroine Alexandrova – look and do not see any social chasm between her and stray diva, and all too desperately to outperform in an attempt to portray happiness. This is especially noticeable on Nagiyev that simply copies its ensign Zadoff and who himself deep down do not believe in this artificial and not once screen adaptation story. In “the best day” still too “like a movie”, but we’re used to that gooseberry – everything in life. And one of the hackneyed medley of songs is “everything” is no substitute.

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