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“Thank you” from Kerry and dive oil – Main December 15 – IA REGNUM

Moscow, December 15, 2015, 16:06 – REGNUM To persuade Russia

US Secretary of John Kerry has arrived for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Minister of Foreign Affairs RF Sergei Lavrov in Moscow. As previously reported IA REGNUM , Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov on the eve confirmed that the president will take Kerry.

It should be noted that since the previous meeting of John Kerry with the Russian president has been more than six months – it took place in May in Sochi.

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The talks Kerry Lavrov, was a manifestation of terrorism LIH activity (Daishev) in several countries. They discussed the situation in Syria, Libya, Ukraine.

Lavrov said: “We would like to continue the conversation, initiated by the President, about how the US is ready to facilitate the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis. Given the impact of the United States to Kiev, it would be of great value for the Normandy process ».

As noticed the media, US Secretary of State John Kerry has completed the introductory part of the conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Russian” thank you ».

He thanked the Foreign Minister for his contribution to the work of the International Support Group Syria. According to him, Moscow and Washington can find common ground on a number of issues.

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When He said that today, there is disagreement between the two countries: “But, in spite of them, we have shown that we can work together: both the Vienna meeting, you have shown that a significant partner. Russia also contributed to the process associated with the Iranian nuclear program. In addition, Lavrov personally co-chaired the Vienna meetings. Hopefully we can continue them in New York ».

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Russian diplomatic sources “b” break from the visit of John Kerry did not expect, as Moscow’s position on the items that he intended to discuss “Washington has long been known,” and “retreat from its principles of Russia does not intend to.” On the results of the talks Lavrov and Kerry tell at a press conference in the Kremlin on December 15 in the evening.

Where is the bottom?

Brent reached eight-year lows. Presidential aide Andrei Belousov believes that oil prices below $ 40 per barrel can be maintained long enough. The Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov as previously stated, that at times in 2016 the price of oil could fall to $ 30 Chapter CBR Elvira Nabiullina has confirmed on December 11 that the dynamics of oil prices It makes actual risk scenario with oil prices at $ 40 in the next three years.

Senior Analyst GK Forex Club Alyona Afanasyeva believes that the peak of the fall has already been passed and then there will be a mild upward correction in Area 43.00 dollars per barrel. According to her, the only factor that is able to provoke a new wave of sales of Brent, may be a sharp appreciation of the US dollar. “The dynamics of the US currency impact on oil prices due to the fact that the prices of assets denominated in dollars. This can happen only if at the next meeting on December 16 the Fed decides to raise rates greater forecasts (for example, 50 bps) and an early hint at the continuation of the rate increase, “- she said.

Analyst GK EXNESS Sergei Kochergin believes that the end of 2015 the price of Brent crude oil may correct to $ 40 per barrel, and the dollar – to 70 rubles. He also confirmed that important for market participants will have a statement J. Yellen about the pace of increase in key interest rates in the US in 2016. “In the baseline scenario, we expect its growth to 25 b. n December 16, 2015 and by 75 basis points in 2016. Such tightening cycle of interest rate policy in the US will allow non-aggressive and Commodity assets and currencies of emerging markets to bounce up in the second half of this month. Nevertheless, we consider not only the central tendency – 70 rubles per dollar and 40 dollars per barrel, but extreme options – $ 30 per barrel and 75 rubles per dollar, 42 dollar per barrel and 68 rubles to the dollar “, – the analyst added .

It should be noted that official dollar exchange rate on December 16 increased compared with the previous indicator to 60.51 cent and amounted to 70.8295 rubles. The euro rose to 1.2653 ruble to 78.2312 rubles.

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Leave can not change

Also, you should note that Russian President Vladimir Putin on December 15 signed a law to freeze the accumulative part of pensions Russians in 2016 and extended for another year freeze on indexation of civil servants.

He also signed a law allowing the Russians to have a combination of two of the passport, and approved amendments to the law “On the roads and road activity in the Russian Federation” that the amount of fines for unpaid travel on federal highways of trucks weighing over 12 tons will be reduced to 90 times.

Let us recall, the document was adopted by the State Duma on December 4 and approved by the Federation Council on 9 December. Previously, the primary violation of the rules of paid fare punishable by a fine for individual entrepreneurs in the amount of 40 thousand. Rubles for legal entities – 450 thousand. Rubles; for repeated violation – 50 ths., and 1 million, respectively. According to the adopted amendments, the penalties for the primary defect is now constitute – 5 thousand rubles. For re – 10 thousand. Rubles.

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«Because of the” Platon “can really begin serious disruptions and rising prices»

The protest truckers against the introduction of the “Platon»

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