Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Media: US preparing new sanctions against Iran – BBC Russian

The US authorities are preparing new sanctions against companies and individuals from Iran, Hong Kong and the UAE over Iran’s program to launch a ballistic missile, according to US media, citing its sources.

According to the newspaper Wall Street Journal, US Treasury sanctions include a ban on transactions with US companies and accounts became subject to sanctions businesses at US banks will be frozen. In the “black list”, as the newspaper writes, will get about 12 companies.

For information on upcoming sanctions also confirmed by sources Bloomberg and Reuters. Representatives of the Ministry of Finance of the United States is not allowed to comment on the matter, as well as the government of Iran.

UN Resolution

In 2010, the UN Security Council passed a resolution banning Iran any actions related to the use and the launch of ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads.

Reuters quoted the December report of UN officials, who said that the medium-range missiles Emad, that Iran tested in October, capable of delivering nuclear warheads . The UN Commission therefore concludes violation Iran Security Council resolution.

In addition, earlier on Wednesday the US military accused Iran of provocation because of the test launches of ballistic missiles in the immediate proximity of the US ships, standing in the roads in Hormuz Strait.

The historic agreement

In July, the government of Iran and the “six” of international mediators reached a historic agreement providing for a partial lifting of sanctions against Tehran. However, new restrictions may again complicate the relationship.

According to WSJ, the US government, concluding July agreement, retained the right to impose sanctions against Iranian companies suspected that they are relevant to the testing of ballistic missiles.

The Iranian authorities have warned that they would consider any new sanctions from the United States as a violation of the deal reached on the nuclear program of Iran.


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