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Putin in the film “World Order”: do not rock – Moskovsky Komsomolets

Russian president of Syria, Ukraine, the United States and order in the world

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Promulgated transcript Vladimir Solovyov documentary “World Order” with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader warned against the destruction of statehood in the country and urged to act only under the UN Charter.

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A scene from the documentary “World Order”

The film Vladimir Solovyov “world order” will be released in the Moscow region at 21.30. To date, published a transcript of the conversation of the journalist Vladimir Putin.

The day before it was published a few excerpts: «We are waiting for all”: Putin about Syria, sanctions and the “tail wagging»

About Europe

The Russian leader gave the example of putting US troops in Iraq, when France and Germany supported it, but then they were told that they are wrong.

«The problem in Europe is that it does not carry out an independent foreign policy. In general, “- he said the Russian president.

According to him, Europe has transferred its sovereignty in the hands of even NATO, and the leader of the US unit. He stressed that the normality of “transfer of sovereignty to the participants of the military-political bloc in supranational bodies.” But this is not the case.

It is necessary to be aware of the UN Charter

Putin believes that it is impossible to take any tough international decisions in respect of a particular country – only on the basis of the decision of all the countries of the United Nations. “There (in the UN Charter – Ed.), And it was spelled out that this is only possible by unanimous decision of the members of the Security Council,” – said the Russian leader.

According to him, the key thing in international law – is to reach a consensus, the full consent of the country on a particular issue.

There’s also said that you can not interfere in the internal affairs of the country and destroy the state, “even if it seems imperfect».

To help the opposition not only violation of international law – even financially, politically, and even information. “But do not do it, like a bull in a china shop, and all the stomp there … Do not rock the country”, – said Russian President.

If you would really like to do for the people better, would help him. “Help the citizens of this country, which are internally ready to fight for the ideals that you share”, – Putin said.

About the nuclear capabilities

Putin has repeatedly said that in this matter it is necessary to listen to the UN Charter.

This the foundation and framework of international law, said the Russian president, who with rare exceptions of conflict of interest, still not worth it to break.

He said that now no one wants to “expand the number of countries possessing nuclear weapons. “We see that this is a danger,” – said Putin

About Ukraine

Vladimir Putin said Ukraine on the complete de-industrialization. “What gets in return?” – He asked. According to the President of the Russian Federation, even if Ukraine allowed visa-free entry to Russia without visas and work, there will be someone Ukrainians – nannies, gardeners, construction workers. “Is this the fate and the future of this beautiful country with wonderful people, the Ukrainians?”, – He said.

And keep Ukraine nobody wants, Putin said, shifting the financial responsibility on Russia.

According to Putin in the West “do not believe in the solvency of Ukraine and stabilize its economy.” “This is a very bad signal,” – he said.

At the same time, he said, the position of the West is not aimed at protecting the interests of Ukraine, and to prevent re-create the Soviet Union, although Russia of such plans does not have.

With regard to the Donbas then, Putin said Russia can not “give at the mercy of the Nationalists’ Russian and other Russian-speaking residents in the south-east of Ukraine.


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