Thursday, December 31, 2015

George Lucas criticized the “Awakening forces” – BBC

31.12.2015, 13:40

The creators of the seventh episode of “Star Wars” trying do retrofilm said creator George Lucas franchise.

«I do not like this approach. Every her film, I tried to do things differently in their different planets and different spaceships “- leads the THR the words of Lucas.

Speaking of his own films from the series” Star Wars “director and producer said that they were to him” like children “, which he sold” white slave owners. ” In November 2012, Lucas sold his studio Lucasfilm together with the rights to a series of “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” Disney company for $ 4 billion. To develop the idea of ​​”slave owners”, he did not.

George Lucas was not involved in making the film “Star Wars: The Awakening forces.” It is noted that he was listed as an adviser, but its services are so not once needed, and outline scenarios have not been used. Director of the film was the JJ Abrams (“Star Trek” TV series “Lost”) and producer – President Licasfilm Kathleen Kennedy.

«Awakening forces” left in hire in the United States December 18 (in Russia – December 17), and has set many records. Charges in North America, according to the Box Office Mojo , up $ 600 million (fifth place all-time), and all over the world – $ 1.228 billion (ninth place in the overall ranking). On January 9, the film will be released in the Chinese rolling.

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