Saturday, May 28, 2016

Amber Heard filed for divorce due to domestic violence on the part of Johnny Depp – Cosmo.Ru

This week, the public was shocked news of , that Amber Heard ( Amber Heard), the wife of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp ( Johnny Depp ), filed for divorce after 15 months of marriage.

May 23 actress sued application for divorce , as the reason for specifying the « insoluble contradictions.” The document also listed , that the actors had left May 22 – three days after the death of the mother of Depp. Now float new rather unpleasant details of the relationship of stars.

As it turned , the reason for the break was the … home violence! Depp regularly raised his hand to the Hurd! As evidence, Amber gave pictures , which eloquently , that life with the star was not easy.

« I live in constant fear of , that suddenly, without warning, Johnny will come back to our house and will mock me physically , and emotionally,” – wrote in a statement the actress. As the , Depp dragged by the hair wife , for which he has left with Vanessa Paradis after years of union. Johnny threw the phone face Amber and did not shy in strong terms.

Hurd admitted , that are constantly I lived in fear of , though , that domestic violence episodes were only three in the last six months. According to the actress , her husband in those moments was under the influence of alcohol and drugs , as well as in the state of uncontrolled anger: “He was just paranoid suspicious , when it is so furious , is not known that it can be expected! ».

The last straw was the events , took place on 21 May. The day before, did not become Depp’s mother. Coming home , he saw a woman surrounded by her friends. However , already gone at the time girlfriend quarrel: one of them, Amber was able to write a message of , which is very scared.

Then Depp insisted on , to another wife called his girlfriend. At the same time police Amber is very vaguely outlined the reason for this call: “Johnny would like to establish themselves in their paranoid and utterly untrue accusations about another of his crazy ideas»

During a call on speakerphone Depp shouted various unpleasant charges. and insults , and then Hollywood actor snatched the phone from Amber arms and hurled him into it , shot went to the eye and cheek. Heard crying , face in her hands , and Depp just continued to mock , specifying , if he hit the target. When trying to get up , he pulled her hair , with the flow of filth at her and did not stop and continued actor hitting his wife.

After a while, that same friend ran , that Amber had time to send a message. She was trying to protect his body actress , covering her from her husband. The noise came even guards couples , Amber begged them for help , but they just stood and looked at what was happening. At the end of this scene Depp grabbed a bottle of wine and ran out of the house , demolishing all the , that only come across his path.

However, after the arrival of the police , Amber refused to write a statement to Depp. But on Monday morning, the actress filed for divorce. At least , that way covers everything happened very Ember.

Position Depp after , as they were released so unpleasant facts , is still unknown.

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