Saturday, May 28, 2016

Dmitry Malikov will sing a duet with the leader of the group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurovym – Russian Conversation

The singer said that already discussed with Sergey Shnurovym the possibility of a joint project.

Today, singer Dmitry Malikov published in his Instagram unexpected
 photos, which he captured with the group leader of the “Leningrad”
 Sergei Shnurovym.

“Maybe a duet? I love Peter! There is always waiting for you
 surprising and pleasant meeting, “- signed picture Dmitry

A few hours later he told everything in detail.
 It turns out that he accidentally met with Sergey in St. Petersburg and
 decided to discuss with him the possibility of a future joint project.

“We are broadly discussed everything. Everything is possible in this
 life: why not play the piano, and I – the guitar, sing
 a song “, – Malikov told

He said that he and Sergey decided to meet more often.
 to communicating, to find ideas for co-creation.

By the way, fans responded positively to Malikova
 this news: “I’d like to look at it”; “Interesting turn duo that something in it”; “Cord – a master-hit Therefore, Dmitry, do not!
 promahnёtes! it would be something new! We stand for creativity, “” Cord – mega-talent and intellectual! It may turn out
 coolest thing “.


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