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Night of museums in St. Petersburg: the life of the phone, the Olympics-80, feel yourself Chaliapin – Federal news agency No.1

Night of museums  in St. Petersburg: the life of the phone, the  Olympics-80, feel yourself Chaliapin

St. Petersburg, May 21 action “Night of Museums” in St. Petersburg It will be held at 99 venues: museums, libraries, exhibition halls. As befits the capital of the North, this year the event will take place on a large scale and affect the operation of transport. The Federal News Agency will speak about the most interesting events.

The Academic Chapel of St. Petersburg, according to the request of potential bidders on the website of “Night of Museums” will be the most visitors. And this is no accident: up to six o’clock in the morning there will be a full program going. The musical program: Beethoven (Fantasia in G Minor for Piano), Schubert (Three Pieces for Piano), Handel (Concerto grosso, G Major). A further program of ethnic music in several languages: Greek, Georgian, Romanian, Portuguese and others. In the morning from five to six hours of surviving until dawn waiting for the special program “New Life”: musical and literary composition on Pushkin’s lyrics to the music of Bach, Vierne and others

In the House-Museum Chaliapin throughout the night. (from 19.00 to 23.00 and from 00.00 to 03.00) will be held thematic tours “first Chaliapin museum in Russia.” Everyone will be able to try on the images of great genius and self-record one of his songs with the help of a DJ. From 00.00 to 02.00 all waiting for a master class in acting. In the exhibition space ChaliapinArtFlat 18.00 20.00 hours will be held performances of the company «STAGE. Dance Theatre and Film “and popular science discussion. From midnight until two in the morning at the museum will operate a recording studio “F.I.SH».

In the Marble Palace of the Russian Museum you can see the exhibition of contemporary art, combined with the exhibition of the interiors of the palace of the XVIII century. As the organizers said, such a tandem in the museum will for the first time.

Telephone History Museum has prepared an excellent interactive program for the whole family. Here you can get in a huge phone and understand how it works. Visitors will get acquainted with a permanent exhibition.

In the Museum of Soviet slot machine will remember the Olympics-80. The organizers will hold the opening and closing of the Olympic Games, will create a modernized image of the mascot, will produce badges with symbols. And in the end will launch into the sky big bear – it was the most touching moment of the Olympic Games

In the Museum of the History of Religions program will devote the first appearance of man.. The Lutheran Church talk about the first parish of the Church of Ingria, as well as biographies of famous Lutherans living in the northern capital. In Theodore cathedral visitors will tell about the secret language of the early Christians. Guests look icon-painting workshop, and will be able to climb the tower and try your hand at learning Belfry.

A full schedule of all sites can be found at the “Night of Museums”.

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How will the traffic

According to the official website of the shares, from 23.00 to 06.00 all holders of a single ticket, “museum Night” action can take buses. Buses are also entitled to use children under 7 years old, but always accompanied by a parent who bought a single ticket.

The buses will run between museums night program (in the city) on five routes. All routes intersect on St. Isaac’s Square from Alexandrovsky Garden, where you can change from one bus to another.

Night program comes at a time the bridges. When the bridges across the Neva divorced buses “Museum Night” walk the short route.

From 00:00 to 06:00 will be the movement of buses on routes №№ 8, 12, 56, 77, 80, 93, 106, 114, 130, 142, 154, which will ensure supply of inhabitants of sleeping areas of St. Petersburg to the metro station.

in addition, the city metro will run all night without a break.


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