Friday, May 27, 2016

Eighth International Film Festival opens in Ulyanovsk – RIA Novosti


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Ulyanovsk, 27 May -. RIA Novosti The eighth international festival of films and TV shows for family viewing named Valentina Leontieva “With all my heart” opens Friday in Ulyanovsk, the press service of the government of the Ulyanovsk region

The film festival is held by the Ministry of Arts and cultural policy of the Ulyanovsk region together with “UlyanovskKinofond” with the support of the Ministry of culture. The main theme of the festival will be the “Year of Russian cinema in the Russian Federation”.

At the festival will be international and Russian film stars Emir Kusturica, Sergei Nikonenko Svetlana Svetlichnaya and others. The opening ceremony of the festival will participate Acting Governor Sergey Morozov and well-known Soviet and Latvian theater and cinema actor Ivars Kalnins
The festival will last until 31 May, within five days will be held screenings of popular Russian films, among them. “The teacher” Andrew Petrukhina “Closer than you think” Natalia Belyauskene and other

As part of the festival will be held IV All-Russia forum of regional filmmakers “RegionKino – 2016″..

in addition, as part of the festival will be opened two digital theater in the village and the city Isheevka profits. These municipalities were winners Cinema Fund competition for grants to organizations engaged in film screening in the population of the Russian Federation with the population up to 100 thousand people.

The first film festival dedicated to the memory of the famous TV presenter Valentina Leontieva that the last years of his life spent in the village Novoselki Ulyanovsk region, was held in 2008 at the initiative of the governor Sergei Morozov. Since then, the film festival has become an annual event. Throughout its history took place about five hundred creative meetings, workshops and film screenings. Ulyanovsk region was visited by more than three hundred Russian and foreign film-makers.


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