Monday, May 30, 2016

Young Choreographers Project “Faces” show at the Grand Theatre – TASS

MOSCOW, May 30. / Corr. TASS Olga Svistunova /. With a full house on Sunday he was in the Bolshoi Theater show of works by young choreographers. The concert, entitled “Faces” was the first project of the Youth Programme of the Bolshoi Ballet, headed by the former artistic director of the ballet troupe of the Bolshoi Theater, People’s Artist of Russia Sergei Filin. The show lasted for almost three hours

“Are Muscovites sold garden Otherwise it is impossible to explain the full hall, meeting a warm Sunday evening in May to show the works of beginners choreographers?” -. Joked, referring to the public, opens the second part of the concert the soloist Bolshoi theater Andrei Merkuriev, presented his choreographic work, “Crying”. In the first part we were shown rooms in the formulation of Marianne Ryzhkina, Constantine Keyhelya, Irina Lazareva, Konstantin Semenov Artem Belyakov, Sofia Lytkin.

In the second part the audience also saw the work of Kirill Radev. The third section was entirely given to Ivan Vasiliev staged “Love is everywhere”. Overall, the concert program “Faces” were 12 works of nine young choreographers.

present in the hall of the famous dancer and choreographer, People’s Artist of the USSR Vyacheslav Gordeyev in an interview with Tass said that in 1996 put in the Bolshoi Theatre Evening of modern choreography .

“at the Bolshoi Theatre had such evenings of young choreographers – in this troupe has traditionally worked famous masters – said Gordeev -. Then the topic of modern choreography continued in the Great Alexei Ratmansky Now Sergei Filin raised this formation.”.

According to Gordeyev, the artists of the Bolshoi need to dance modern choreography. “It is necessary for their development, – said the agency -. And for the public, which keeps pace with the times, in the evening a new choreography needed.” “Just in respect of the Bolshoi Theater in this sense it is necessary to correctly observe proportions,” – said Gordeev

His opinion with TASS correspondent shared and was present at the concert of the current head of the Bolshoi Theatre Mahar Vaziev ballet

“in fact, the idea is wonderful, – admitted Vaziev -. Well, it was possible to restore the work of young choreographers After the success achieved in the art of choreographers practice.”

in this regard, he cited the example of Béjart.. “Once I was visiting Béjart in Lausanne – Vaziev said -. Bejar dedicated to me the whole day, although he was not feeling I was struck by the fact that he was missing only two hours I thought that he went to rest… Imagine my surprise when I discovered Bejart in the rehearsal room. He said something rehearsed with ballet couple. Without music, in complete silence. Apparently realizing that the choreographer under any circumstances, every day should be engaged in the profession. “

“We will try to do more often in the evening of modern choreography Then, perhaps, there will be new choreographers to emerge..”, – the head of Bolshoi ballet



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