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Medvedev congratulated the 70th anniversary of filmmaker Dostal – RIA Novosti


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MOSCOW, May 21 – RIA Novosti Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev congratulated the 70th anniversary of the film director, People’s Artist Nikolai Dostal, noting the truthfulness and sincerity of his films, according to the government website Russia

“your films have a special place in the domestic film industry. They truly and sincerely talk about iconic events of history, about the difficult lives of people, very accurately convey their feelings, thoughts and characters “-. Said in a telegram to the Prime Minister, published in the Saturday

According to Medvedev, deep and emotional , creative work Dostal always interesting and relevant.

The Soviet and Russian film director, producer, writer and actor Nikolai Dostal born May 21, 1946 in Moscow, the son of film director Nikolai Vladimirovich Dostal.

Among the most famous director’s works Nikolai Dostal – “Little giant great sex” (1992), “Little demon” (1995), “cops and robbers” (1998), “Kolya-tumble field” (the main prize of the festival “window to Europe “2005),” Pete on the way to heaven “(” Golden St. George “the 31st Moscow International Film Festival, 2009), as well as the popular TV series” Citizen Head “(2001),” Stiletto “(2003),” Penal Battalion ” (prize TEFI Russian Academy of television, the main prize of the 11th International festival of TV films in Geneva, 2004) and others.


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